18 weeks

Even though it’s chilly and the wind is whipping through the air, it’s sunny and I’ll take it.

Today I’m 4.5 months pregnant and in two weeks, I’ll hit my halfway mark for this pregnancy. 

It’s scary.  But scary good!

I think I’ve felt movement, but until the jabs and kicks get stronger and more constant, for now it’s going to feel like a bubble in my stomach here and there.  Last night I felt something low in the middle part of my stomach.  Sort of a vibration but sort of not.  And I put the TV on mute (because apparently it was too distracting to listen to it and feel what’s going on in my tummy).  I said aloud, “Baby, are you moving around in there?”

You can probably guess nobody answered.  (I know, shocker!)

I did my pregnancy DVD workout yesterday for the first time since I received it in the mail a week ago.  The woman who does the exercises? Absolutely all muscle and no fat.  Her belly was rock hard–you could tell where her six pack would be if she wasn’t prego.  She was my age or a little older.  It was actually quite inspiring.  If she can do those exercises, so can I! I am a little sore today.  Does it count that I’m healthy if I made brownies before the workout and ate a couple afterwards? Thought so.

Finally, lots of people I read talk about “The Crazy”–well I have it times 1,000 when it comes to this pregnancy.

Anxiety is my best friend and it’s rather busy inside my head.  Take this morning for example.  I am anti-caffeine (aside from any in chocolate, of course) as it’s been linked to miscarriages.  I have an aversion to coffee anyway since I’ve been pregnant.  In the beginning, the smell killed me.  Gagalicious.  Now, I am back to enjoying the smell, but I will only have it sweetened as in a vanilla latte (decaf) or a mocha (decaf).  I tried plain old coffee (decaf) twice with just skim milk, the way I usually drank it before the pregnancy and it now tastes like dog poo (really).  So this morning as Bub drove me to work (he has the day off; lucky man!), we stopped at Starbucks. 

I am anal about asking for confirmation as to whether or not the coffee I order is decaf.  I ordered it as such, Bub made them repeat the order, and then we were too busy getting our drinks situated and then driving to the office when I realized I didn’t ask for confirmation about the coffee being decaf.  Again.  So I picked a fight with Bub. 

“Did you hear him say it was decaf?”

“Ummmm, no.  But you can have some caffeine.  It’s OK.”

“NO! I don’t want to have it.  It increases miscarriage risk.”

“The doctor said it was OK, though.”

“Yes, she did say that if I was having a headache and needed something to take it away that it was okay–but she meant it was OK to have a sip of Coke while taking a Tylenol.”

“It’s OK.”

“She said to stay away from the caffeinated Starbucks stuff.”

“She said to stay away from Grande coffees.”

“This IS a Grande coffee!!!!”

“No, she meant the big ones.”


I should feel content that we asked for decaf, they repeated the order, and that’s what I got.  But they didn’t check any boxes off.  And I feel pathetic to have written a post 50% about this situation.

I think I had better just drink the drink…

Happy Easter.


itsy bitsy mama

5 thoughts on “18 weeks

  1. hi. happy 18 weeks!!

    i didn’t get your other email. seriously. this is annoying.

    try sending it to schmitt2906 at yahoo dot com.

    if that doesn’t work…we will have to communicate via the comments section. :P

    p.s. the coffee was probably decaf and even if it wasn’t, you’re ok. my doctor told me it’s safe to have 1-2 cups (not mugs) of coffee daily. but, like you, i can’t handle the taste/smell right now so i’m skipping it altogether.

    Have a good weekend!!

  2. i respect women who attempt to be as healthy as possible for their baby – it is seriously awesome. so even if that was a caffeinated drink, im sure you’ll be totally fine. congrats on almost being at the halfway mark! so exciting to be feeling the baby move.

    have a great weekend :)

  3. I think in the long run you’ll be completely fine, but I understand why you freaked out. Hell, I deal with The Crazy and I’m not even pregnant. I think it will be VERY interesting to see how I react to things when I am!

    Have a great weekend, love. And eat a brownie for me :)

  4. Yay halfway point! Just so you know, even decaf coffee has caffeine in it. It’s mild amounts, but there is still trace levels of caffeine.
    Also, have you heard of Paula Radcliffe? She’s pretty much my idol; the woman won the NYC marathon 10 months after giving birth. She trained throughout her pregnancy and was almost all muscle.

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