i wake up in the morning with a dream in my eyes

When I was planning my wedding, I used to dream that my dress came in and it was black and it was too late; I had to wear it.  I forgot to buy shoes and since none I had were good enough, I went barefoot down the aisle in the church.  Flowers were never solidified so we had none or some half-dead things from the market.  I was a wreck.

And then I woke up.

I’ve been trying to draw on my dreams for information as to what this pregnancy will bring, especially what it will deliver: a boy or girl.  I’ve told numerous people I think I’m having a boy and I’ve gotten used to it.  Fire engines on crib linens, blues (well, I love blue anyway), and thinking about how old our son will be as compared to Bub’s friend who just delievered a boy last week.

And if I have a girl? I think I will be really surprised–pleasantly surprised–but surprised.  It’s just this feeling I have, of having a boy.  I dreamed once that I had a boy.  And I refer to “it” the baby, the bump, as a “he”. 

Bub won’t speculate.  Nor did he really comment when I said that I had a dream about our baby last night.

I dreamed that I had a baby chick. 

 Yup.  A chick.  I gave birth to an egg.  And then one day the egg hatched and I was overjoyed.  The chick, my offspring, had been born! I was so proud!

But, dear readers, it gets more interesting.  As the chick grew, it grew into the very spitting image of my childhood cat–not a kitten, a full grown cat, gray with yellow eyes. 

But before the dream ended, I needed to make sure of one thing. 

Was it a boy or a girl cat?

It was a girl.


7 thoughts on “i wake up in the morning with a dream in my eyes

  1. Ha ha – you can’t win! My niece was certain that she was carrying a girl and she was.

    How far along were you when you had the feeling that you are carrying a boy?

  2. Haha baby brain! I have had a feeling for years that my first baby will be a boy. I’m convinced. If I have a girl I will be shocked. I can’t wait to see what you have!

  3. I’ve heard pregnancy dreams are the craziest! I already have weird dreams. I can’t imagine when I’m prego.

  4. I put a lot of stock in dreams. I have a recurring dream of a pomegranate, and when I open it there are no seeds inside. A professor once told me that pomegranates signify fertility, and a few months later I found out that I probably won’t be able to have kids.
    I think if you’re dreaming of boys, if you have that feeling of boys, then your body knows.

  5. I think your body knows, and it sounds like you are pretty in tune with your body. I’m excited to hear the news – whichever sex the baby is!

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