mish mash

Welcome to Monday, everyone.  What should I have for lunch today? I need to go grocery shopping after work so I have nothing set for lunch in a mere 1/2 hour.  My belly? Is hungry.  So my baby? Is too.  This post is crazy random, but a weekend recap!

Friday night my mother and I went shopping and I had a blast.  I got spoiled.  A mother-daughter outing for some much needed maternity wear.  Fun times!!!

And it’s nice to finally be wearing bras that fit now : ) Hello, a whole new cup size!

When I got home early that night I tried cleaning our bedroom as best I could which Bub just finished painting and I dusted off our gorgeous and lovely matching bedroom set.  Our new mattress was set to arrive the next day so I tried to do some cleaning.  Then I exercised! Yeah! And I was so tired that I fell asleep and thought of Molly who wrote about this very sort of thing a while back when at 4am I woke up and didn’t find my husband sleeping next to me when I reached out for him.  No, he was passed out on his friend’s couch after way too many margaritas and not a person to drive him home (even though I told him I’d pick him up).  So I called him when I woke up again at 5, infuriated at the fact that he didn’t call to say he wouldn’t be home.  What if he wasn’t okay? He was okay and I got pissy when he got home at 8:30.  I found him upstairs after a curt hello from me.  He was sleeping like a little baby on our new mattress which arrived promptly at 7:04 am (I had been up since 6:30).  There weren’t yet linens on the bed so he had a quilt wrapped around him.  Too cute to scold at that moment.

I did all sorts of stuff around the house while he slept, then I had a tiny nap and got ready for a windows guy to give an estimate on our…windows! I gave Bub a hard time for not calling the night before to say he’d be late or that he’d be staying over his friend’s when he woke up 1/2 hour before the window guy was to show.  We listened to window guy go on and on for two hours.  When he finally left I told Bub to get ready; we were going out and he smelled like a booze bag. 

He was listening to messages on the phone and said, um, honey? I left you a message but forgot I did.  And there it was at 1:53am.  A late message, but a message nonetheless.  I felt like an ass.

We did some errands, had lunch, went to a dinner party, saw our friend in a color guard show.  Sigh.  I got all emotional as I miss that part of my life. 

Yesterday we attended our first baby fair.  We found a car seat and stroller we like (and think we can use although I’m scared that I won’t be able to lift heavy things like strollers and that I’ll look like the weak mommy and people will ask if they can help me and I’ll  feel embarrassed because I had a baby, pushed the thing out and yet I cannot pick up a stroller). 

Then we went shopping at at least three different stores and by this time I was grouchy.  I just wanted to find a comforter/duvet cover/quilt that worked with our new bedroom color scheme and the new bed.  And we failed.  We went to Bed & Bath, Linens ‘n Things, Sears, Macy’s, and I think that’s it.  Where do you like to buy bed linens? At least we found sheets we like…zzzzz

We made it to our local dairy/creamery for the first time since moving and brought home yummy frozen yogurt that tastes like nothing low fat.  This, after we had dinner and I survived the blue cheese incident that I shall not speak of for it will bring out The Crazy.

We moved out of the guest room now that we are more settled in our newly painted bedroom with new furniture and the newly upgraded Queen bed (yes, we were in a full still!) and then I read some of the baby stuff we received from the fair before we turned out the light at midnight. 

Today has been going so-so.  It is Monday, after all, right folks? I want noodles.


itsybitsy mama who will be TWENTY WEEKS (1/2 way there!!!) this Friday! : )


8 thoughts on “mish mash

  1. I’ve found some really nice sheets at Kohl’s and they always have super sales. Macy’s is a good one for bedding – check online. Good luck!

  2. I hope you got noodles for lunch!

    I agree with La – pictures are necessary on Friday ;)

    We got our bedding at Macy’s but I’m not in love with it. What about Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, LL Bean or something catalog based? I can’t think of any other retail stores…

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