sleepy observations

So since I am almost–in two days–half-way through my pregnancy, I thought I would tell you a few things I’ve noticed about being a woman with child and sleeping…yes, sleeping.

First, enjoy sleeping on your back and stomach.  As many may or may not know, the best sleeping position for you and your unborn bug is to sleep on your left side.  This is how the baby receives nutrients best and the best blood flow.  So go ahead and curl up on your left side.  There, just like that.  You can also lay (lie?) on your right side, too, but it puts strain on your kidneys.  But it’s okay, just remember, left side is better. 

I was told if you sleep on your tummy, no big deal, it just may feel weird or be uncomfortable.  Yes, it is uncomfortable.  You have the beginnings of a beach ball attached to your front torso–would you sleep on your stomach like that? And after 16-20 weeks, stay away from sleeping or laying on your back altogether.  Blood flow is cut off and your baby could be voided of the precious everything you are providing to it.  Also, it can cause nausea and discomfort.

Because I am a crazy, chronic worrier, it’s been a long time since I have slept on my back (and also tummy) and damn, I am so sick of sleeping on my left side. 

They make pillows for pregnancy to help the comfort factor, but have you seen just how big these contraptions are? They look like partial octupuses.  Thank you, but I’ll cling to my husband. 

Oh, and yesterday was a big shopping day.  Here is one of my new shoe purchases!

Love me some yellow:


Update: We have booked our babymoon! California, here we come!!!


7 thoughts on “sleepy observations

  1. I wholeheartedly LOVE these shoes (see? you didn’t need my help!)

    Also, I already sleep on my left side! Awesome! I’ve halfway there! Now I just have to get prego!


  2. LOVE the new shoes! Where’d you find them? I tend to sleep on my left side too – and have the makings of a very nice wrinkle by my eye to show it.

  3. i was a tummy sleeper. now i am almost always on my left side. i am really looking forward to tummy sleeping again in less than 5 months.

    cute shoes!

  4. I am a belly sleeper. Not looking forward to not being able to do that.

    Love the shoes. So fun and springy.

  5. I can’t even sleep on my stummy when I’m bloated, I can’t imagine sleeping like that pregnant. But otherwise I’m completely a belly sleeper too.

  6. Oooh pretty new shoes! And I didnt’ know that about the left side but that’s lucky for me as I’m a left side sleeper now!

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