he makes the worry melt away

When your husband talks in a loud voice to your belly and asks lots of questions like, “Can you hear daddy?” Or, “Are you kicking mommy?” He makes it melt away.

When he suddenly reaches for you, but passes your hand only to rub your tummy and hopefully feel the baby move, or just so that he can connect with baby, he makes it melt away.

And when you catch him in the hallway, planting a kiss on his finger and putting it up to each of the ultrasounds we have mounted on the wall as if he were giving baby actual kisses, he makes it melt away.

He makes all of this worry and stress worth it.  Because he knows, more than I do, that love is greater than anxiety.  It’s stronger.  And I do love him, the father of our baby.  And I can’t wait for baby to see how much of a wonderful father he’ll be.


9 thoughts on “he makes the worry melt away

  1. Awwww…it is all worth it and love is definitely stronger than any of that ol’ stress crap ;)

    Glad you have a wonderful husband to share in this journey with you.

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