farewell old gal

Farewell 27.  You have been a good year to me. 

A one-year wedding anniversary.

A new home.

A pregnancy.

…just to name a few milestones.

My twenties are fading quickly.  I feel that I’ve come so far from who I was in a previous time…emotionally, intellectually.  I hope I am the wiser.

On Sunday, as I roam the streets of London shopping for baby and catching up with an old co-worker, as I sip on water with gas and hope for the sunshine we had like last year without the stress of pregnancy worries and misplaced luggage woes, I’ll take a moment for myself and think, long has come the ballerina from childhood, the color guard captain of high school, and the silly (and many times inebriated) student at college. 

Now she is a professional, trying to find her way.  Will she return to work after the baby arrives or go back to school or move her family to a far away place in the future? Now she is a wife, an older friend, and a soon-to-be mother. 

Each year my birthday comes on the brink of warm weather sifting through a rain shower, sprinkled to me on top of a slice of birthday cake.  My mom always knew to make it with chocolate frosting–and sprinkles.

What have I learned and where am I going? I’ve never really known, I’ve always just done: what is expected, what most do, all while trying to keep a sliver of personality, a hint of me.

Cheers to me.  And thanks to you all for being great listeners.  Hopefully there will be live blogging from London.  Or, a good recap when I return on Thursday.

xo itsy bitsy mama and her belly

28, look out!


7 thoughts on “farewell old gal

  1. Happy (early) birthday, itsy bitsy! Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


  2. Happy Birthday! Mine is next month and I unfortunately will be crossing that line from being a “20-something” to a durn 30-year-old. Sigh. Oh, well. I have a lot to be proud of! Married to the most wonderful man for 2 1/2 years and the mommy of a beautiful 8-month old baby girl! Life couldn’t get much better! You’ll know exactly what I mean when you meet that little baby of yours soon!

    Enjoy your trip! Be safe! Your loyal blog readers are looking forward to hearing all about it!

  3. You have done so much in the last couple years to be proud of! Happy Birthday and have fun in England!

  4. holy cow, are you YOUNG!

    late 20s, early 30s really are the best time of your life. for career, knowing more who you are, ability to travel, etc. its awesome! cheers on your birthday!

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