because it’s late

I made it through the flight.  I peed a TON. 

I got an aisle seat.

I had my luggage waiting for me when I got to the baggage claim.

It rained.  It got sunny.  It rained.  It is not wam here.  Boo.

I bought an adorable stuffed elephant, a onesie with chicks and French written ever so lightly on cotton, and an orange striped onsie since Bub is big into orange and it’s a neutral color.

I did this shopping with an old co-worker.  We stopped for lunch which ended up being a salad plate and I ate…

potato salad and I freaked out (still freaking out) that they don’t pasteurize their eggs here.  They don’t refrigerate them which makes me even more anxious.  This part of the salad had been refrigerated, but this is my new obsessive worry.  That and the homemade ice cream I had for dessert tonight since I didn’t question if it was pasteurized. 

Am I crazy?

I am tired.

The first day of work here was fruitful.  But this baby and I, we need sleep. 

Goodnight from across the pond.

Pray that no listeria develops.



6 thoughts on “because it’s late

  1. Have fun and try not to worry about the ice cream and eggs. Our grammas all smoked and drank and we (and our parents) came out wonderful!

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