I found out the homemade ice cream I ate yesterday night was pasteurized.

And I was smart before I ordered my gelato during the work event; it was pasteurized and delicious.

Oh, and I love gelato.  Especially the stuff we ate on our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast.

I’m exhausted and miss my husband.

Oh, and Courtney of the babyccino blog fame is fantastic for advising me (or helping me feel less stressed) about eating here in London where she resides.

Thanks, Courtney!

In other news, there’s a horrendous draft in my hotel room.  I have no energy to pack.  I’m breaking all sorts of wardrobe rules that I made for myself at this work event and sporting maternity jeans tomorrow.  I deserve it.

I have a long weekend to look forward to.  Bub’s best friend is getting married and Bub is in the wedding.

And the highlight of our long weekend? We are registering on Monday. 

The weekend, I can just taste it.  In all its pasteurized glory.  : )


itsy bitsy mama


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