I feel like so many people have taken a blogging hiatus or discussed it recently.  I am not.  I’ve just been a busy pregnant lady.

Take my face for example, I look like I’m 16 with my acne.  I have this guy I work with pointing the things out.  Lucky for him we are friends or else I’d have to give him the hairy eyeball and leave something sharp for him to sit on for when he returns to his desk.

I survived the bloody trip to London.  I was thisclose to calling the doctor about some things I was worried about.  Bub talked me out of it.  I went to the doctor yesterday for my regular checkup and we listened to the heartbeat and that lightened my mood and erased my stress from the weeks prior.

I feel like I have a list of things to do a mile long for this little bug inside of me.  And unlike wedding planning when you think, gee, who cares if I only have a ribbon on my wicker card basket and not a flower arrangement, you can’t say the same for finding a pediatrician or daycare.

Daycare.  I’m more thinking about who’s going to take care of ME when the baby comes.  I’ve been such a stressball. 

Every time the baby kicks I feel the need to talk to it.  I especially love talking back in the shower telling baby we’re getting clean! The kicks have been the best.  It’s like a constant reminder now that hey, someone is definitely knocking on my door from the inside and I had better pay attention.

I really, really am.


itsy bitsy mama


6 thoughts on “back

  1. Welcome back! Just a random suggestion, but when I was pregnant with my little girl (9 months old tomorrow!), I rented a doppler (the thingy your OB uses to listen to the baby’s heartbeat) from It was about $100 for 6 or 8 months and it allowed us to listen to our baby’s heartbeat any ol’ time we wanted! I was a HUGE worrywart, and I cannot tell you how calming it was to listen to her crazy little heartbeat at night before going to bed. I’d especially get freaked out if I hadn’t felt a kick in a certain number of hours. You can even record it on a computer, which we did so we could email it to long-distance family.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any recommendations on daycare as I am staying at home with my baby girl. I know not everyone has that luxury, and I know there are daycares out there that will take excellent care of your little bundle of joy!

  2. I felt a baby kick (not mine!) for the first time on Monday. It felt so cool and powerful to feel it–I can’t IMAGINE how it must feel for the mommy!

  3. One of my biggest worries is that I’ll come home from the hospital with a baby and then we’ll be all alone and I’ll be overhwelmed and miserable. I can understand the desire to have someone take care of you after this rollercoaster of a ride!

    Did you ever think you would actually love to be kicked ? =)

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