new week

I was busy this weekend but not quite productive as the laundry didn’t get folded, the carpet didn’t get vacuumed, nor did the dishes get washed and dried.  Oh well.

Today our crib arrives! Wahoo.  I hope to get home tonight to find Bub working on putting it together even though we’re not quite ready to set it up in the nursery that now looks like a book drive. 

We have books all over the floor in piles.  Some will be given away, others will be kept.  Some were gifts, some are from college, some were found at bargain book shops for little cash. 

Bub asked how he does this.  How does one figure out how to pick which books to keep and which to give away? I’m not so sure there’s a method I say.  He wants a rule.

So the chores along with the book organizing are here to tackle this week.  That, and the finishing touches on the painting of our bedroom, and the selection of which glider to get while they’re on sale.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken any photos of the belly.  The one which more and more strangers stare at and comment on.  That’s just fine with me.  In there is a rumbler, a kicker of strong proportions.  I encourage baby to kick. 

After all, hitting isn’t condoned in public.

Happy Monday.


itsy bitsy mama


3 thoughts on “new week

  1. I get looks whenever I go somewhere by myself. the wow-she’s-a-bit-pregnant-looks. :P Yay on the crib! Our cradle should arrive this week (shipping mixup).

  2. How exciting about the crib – woo hoo!

    Yeah…we need a pic! Some of us don’t have the pleasure of seeing you in real life!

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