say my name, say my name

It has become a thing to do.

A chore.

But not a chore as in cleaning the toilet.

What do we name our baby?

The books aren’t helping. 

What letter do you start with? What gender do you start with? How will that sound with [last name]?

It’s hard.

Yet it’s the question we are asked the most right after, “Are you having a boy or girl?”

We each have a boys and girls names list on the refrigerator.  Trouble is? I’m eh on most of mine and double eh on most of Bub’s.

What to do?

We scoured our two name books last night.  For me, it’s about association. 

“What about Clarence?”

“Clarence Thomas.”

Then we move on to the next one.

Responses range from “I knew a girl named _____ and she was a hoochie” to “Too popular.”

I am not the type of person who knew at age 9 what I wanted my baby to be named, although I’ve given my teddy bear and doll names a second thought.  But…eh.  Teddy was Jimmy and Dolly was Sabrina.

This is hard. 

So, those of you who do read me–lurkers or not–please share your favorite boy and girl names. 

We need all the ideas we can get!


itsy bitsy mama


12 thoughts on “say my name, say my name

  1. Only if you promise not to get mad if we end up with the same name ;)

    Girls: Adelaide, Caroline, Madeline, Madison, Samantha, Annie
    Boys: Jackson, Evan, Ethan, Quinn, Andrew

    It’s a tough compromise, isn’t it? I can’t wait to hear what you decide on!

  2. i keep a list of mine hidden in a folder on my computer….sort of a secret of mine, but one that i love to look at and imagine the future.

    boys: Caleb, Jacob, Benjamin
    Girls: Lily, Charlotte, Grace

    Those are some of my favorites. I can’t wait to hear what you guys pick!!!!

  3. Um, yah, you already know that I’ve had baby names picked out FOREVER. And because I heart you, you may steal them if you wish.

    For a girl, Mia (mee-ya) Lelena or Lorelei Grace
    For a boy, Jackson Nicholas (will go by “jack”). I only want one boy. :)

    And yes, I watch far too much Gilmore Girls.

  4. we have a girl and boy name selected, so i’ll give you some of our runner ups:

    Girls: Sierra, Sienna, Savannah, Grey
    Boys: Jack, Aiden, Hayden, Alton


  5. Oh boy! I love this game!

    Girls – Julia, Grace, Sage, Cassidy

    Boys – Isaiah, Issac, Noah, Jake, Jack, Andrew, Jonah, Eli, Gabe, Troy, Luke

  6. You know I have been playing this game for a while. . .

    Boys: Jack, Jackson (which seems like a popular choice these days) Marc, Christopher, Luke, Elijah, James

    Girls: Madelyn. Jamie, Jeannine, Corrine, Jocelyn

  7. I has to delurk to add a few names! I’m almost 19 weeks pregnant with my first and we are struggling with names as well.

    Girls: McKenna, Reagan, Mia, Kennedy, Avery (If we have a girl, it will most likely be Elizabeth and we will call her Ella)

    Boys: Luke, Ben, Austin, (We are going uber popular if we have a boy: Aaden)

    I feel like part of the reason its so hard to decide on a name is because there is no little face to attach the name to. Good luck!

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