cloud 9

Today was a big doctor’s day.  I had my glucose test, which I passed with flying colors, prior to that I had an ultrasound.  Yay, my placenta moved (no, really, yay!) but the baby is breech so we get another ultrasound very close to The Birth. !!!!!!!!!!!! I booked appointments for every two weeks through July which leaves the weekly August appointments to schedule… Again, !!!!!! My little bug’s eyes were open, as was his (I am convinced it’s a he!) mouth.  I love him, her, it, bug, baby, SO much.  It’s amazing that there is this thing inside of me that I am nourishing with my decaf iced drinks, sweets, carbs, oh and healthy stuff too (I’m trying!)

Thank you to those who participated in the name game.  All good suggestions.  Bub has read them too. 

We still have no frigging clue what to name him/her. 

Last night we already got into discussions as to who the godparents will be.  It got heated.  We each have a sister.  I think I know which one is going to be the godmom.  Maybe the one who goes to church each week? We have a hard time doing that. 

I am currently soaking up what juice I have left in my laptop in the car.  I am awaiting an appointment with my dentist.  And? I had pasta with pesto (I told you I was eating carbs!) about an hour ago.

I don’t think my dentist is going to appreciate that.  The green is gone from my teeth, but the garlic breath? Not so much…I am not equipped to brush before the cleaning.  Hey, that’s why I’m going there, right?


itsy bitsy mama


5 thoughts on “cloud 9

  1. One time when I was waitressing, a woman ordered garlic butter mussels and said, “I need to eat that quickly. I have a dentist appointment in half an hour!” Poor dentists.

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