The weather has been perfect today.  I’m wrapping up the weekend by making potato salad and wishing we had planned a tad earlier to get our grill.  Because a burger? Fish? Anything? Tastes yummy-licious on a grill and I equate long weekends, or any weekend of the summer to grilling.  I can’t wait until we get ours.

On the pregnant woman front: my back hurts, my bra is tight, and I’m currently waiting for Bub to return from the store with a new shredder which he has been talking about getting for a while.  It’s the little things.  Me? I assume buy new shoes, which I did, by the way.  Bub and I don’t really agree on my footwear selections.  He thinks anything that causes a blister or is fun is not practical and therefore not a good purchase.  I say pain or not, sometimes you have to endure hell to get to paradise, so what’s a blister or two or three (as was the case with my last pair of shoes) when the results are cute and now comfortable? A little breaking in? Is always necessary.

Between now and Thursday I need to squeeze in a pedicure and then I think I’m ready to hit Cali.  It’ll be my first trip there.  Bub is meeting me so my comfort level about traveling while pregnant? Is much less than when I went to London.  I’m going to be with the boss for the first couple of days in LA inside a convention center.  Then Bub meets me and we hit Santa Barbara.  I’m really excited because our hotel? It looks pretty fantastic from the site and I just want to swim and chill and shop and eat and walk around.  It’s our babymoon so I’m hoping for some romancing without the wine…! 

We made some good progress on home projects this weekend with plenty left to do…but that’s always the case, isn’t it?

So I must be off.  Potato salad is calling me. 

Oh, and happy summer.  It’s here.  Thank God.


itsy bitsy mama


4 thoughts on “memorial

  1. I’m bummed I only got to see you briefly in LA! We will catch up at B’s wedding.

    I hope you are having so much fun on your babymoon!

  2. Hope your babymoon was awesome!

    Also, I’d love for you to read this post on my blog. I wrote it specifically for the soon-to-be mommies I know (including those of you in cyberspace!). Just a bit of valuable information I wish someone had told me about before our little girl arrived!

    Take care!

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