I’m back from our babymoon and glad to be back.  Traveling to London was easy compared to the two flights I took to and from CA, the larger belly, and the fact that I now have no grace when trying to pull on socks and shoes. 

The work event went well.  I saw Pessimistic Redhead for a brief moment.  I felt bad that we couldn’t socialize for longer.  She works at a place I once did and it’s always interesting to see the characters I had daily interaction with, let alone the woman I had to share a hotel room with at one of these events a few years ago.  To think she saw me in my PJ’s and brushing my teeth… Weird! But anyway, it was a good show.  I had lots of energy the first day and felt like roadkill the next, just in time for the relaxation part of the trip–the babymoon!

Bub met me late on Saturday night.  His flights always seem to get delayed which I feel bad about since he’s coming to see me when it happens.  We embarked in our rental car Sunday morning to a yummy brunch place in LA before driving the coast to Santa Barbara.  For anyone planning a wedding and not sure where to have it, I suggest Santa Barbara.  The weather was always a guaranteed A+.  We did have some rain the morning we left, but the consistent sunshine and warm temps were easy to enjoy for the duration of the trip.

We walked around a lot, ate well (ate really, really well one night at the Four Seasons with a complete view of the ocean and saw dolphins!), tried to shop (but I wasn’t feeling it–maybe because I’m wearing a beach ball), and swam.  We swam the most in the heated hotel pool since the breeze kept the beaches cool.

The only downside to Santa Barbara that we noticed? The homelessness.  Bub had read how it’s prevelant in that area but I wondered how different it could be from any other city? From Boston? But it was everywhere.  People who looked like you and me just sitting on benches, on urine-stained streets with signs that they were hungry.  Could they have our dinner leftovers, etc., etc.?

It was a turnoff.  I know homelessness exists.  I know it’s not a perfect world.  I know.  It’s just that it’s something I don’t see most days on my way to work or near where I live, so it’s almost as if I had forgotten that there are people out there who aren’t fortunate.  And it’s sad.

Changing gears to baby jibber jabber, I’m beginning my 29th week of pregnancy today.  I remember when I started my 20’s.  The halfway point.  I remember thinking wow, 30 weeks is far away.  And looky here, looky at what’s happening!

So yeah.  This time thing? Is flying by.  We are in JUNE, people.  I was watching LOST last night (the season finale since I missed it last week) thinking how the peace and quiet I’ll have is soon to be limited.  And how my nightly routine of unwinding, making dinner, catching up with Bub, exercising (ha!), will all change.

And to think that we may be very close to having a first name picked out for at least one sex…

Have lovely weekends! And stay cool if this 90-degree weather is coming to a neighborhood near you!

7 thoughts on “friday

  1. Glad you’re back and had a great time! It really is amazing how quickly the time goes by. We tried to enjoy our last few weeks of “nothingness”–coming home after work, propping our feet up, watching our favorite shows, surfing the ‘net. Once our Little One arrived, things definitely changed! But now that she’s 10 months old, she can keep herself busy, so sometimes we get occasional glimpses of what life was like before she blessed us with her presence. Kids are SO great!!

    Random comment/question… Why do the little artsy squares appear on everyone’s comments and is it possible to change it to something else? I’m more of a blogspot user, not wordpress, so I imagine I must be missing something… :)

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