june’s thanksgiving

A woman I’ve worked closely with for the past three years stops by my office this morning.  She is not empty handed.

Three delicious peonies are blossoming from a disposable vase and they’re for me from her garden.  It made me realize the random acts of kindness, things of which I’m thankful for in my life that brighten it so.

Here’s my June list:

Co-workers who constantly tell me how nice I look even if I may feel particularly large at times.

The kicks.  They never get old.

Waking up next to my husband.

Walking outside and breathing in summer deeply, now that the humidity has subsided.

Pulling out of the driveway to see our new hanging plant.  Now we have a place to hang one! (We won’t speak of the one I just killed, though.)

Iced decaf coffee.  So much better than the hot stuff.

Ice cream; it always tastes better in the summer.

When a co-worker openly praises you on an email that your boss is copied on.

Dreams of our new grill which we hope to get as early as Thursday.  Again, now we have a place to barbecue!

Steaming wallpaper off the nursery walls.  Feeling like I’m able to participate in this process is satisfying even though the painting will be done by Bub.

Birthing class on Saturday.

Seeing the tiny ones in the hospital nursery last weekend at our maternity ward tour.

Reminiscing about our wedding and how our 2nd year anniversary is right around the corner!

Receiving baby gifts; we just got our first two yesterday!

Living in the moment.


8 thoughts on “june’s thanksgiving

  1. Those things are all such happy thoughts! I agree with them all–except the coffee one (not a coffee drinker). Our birthing class was interesting. Are you planning to nurse (you don’t have to answer if that’s too personal)? I was just gonna say that I did and we took a breastfeeding class before the baby arrived. Made me feel a LOT better (my biggest fear was feeling like a heifer udders, mooing throughout the day, etc.). It really wasn’t that bad–and ultimately became a real bonding experience!

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