-I love cherry tomatoes.  I love their sweetness and I only appreciate them that much more if they are sliced in half (at least) and sprinkled throughout my salad AND in order for me to make/want to eat a salad? I must have the cherry tomatoes.  Can you guess what I’m eating now?

-Birth class was an eye-opening experience.  I’ve been enjoying the belly and trying not to stress lately (lately is key), but the class made me realize that this little bug has to come out.  And the diagrams I keep seeing still show a growing baby, but a very small opening for this little bug to travel.

-My boss is on Facebook and she knows I have an account.  I haven’t asked her to be my friend and vice versa.  I think I’m OK with that, but have I broken some etiquette rule?

-We saw a daycare we think we liked yesterday.  Except I keep thinking the same thing when I go see these places: I don’t want to have to use one! I fell in love with a baby there and wanted to scoop him up as his dad dropped him off for his first day.  If those parents can do it, so can I, except the place (so far) is the most pricey out of the ones I’ve checked out. 

-My other food obsession (not-pregnancy related) is avocados.  I love them.  Love.  Them.  LOVE.  They now appear in salads I prepare all the time.  I think Bub finds it odd since it’s not a usual salad staple, but I MUST have them.  Must have.  MUST.

-I plan to make avocado baby food.

-Someone at the office (and sorry if I offend anyone who does this) leaves the microwave door open.  They do their business of heating, cooking, whatever and then instead of shutting the door after retrieving their food, they just leave it open.  It appears to be something intentional as it’s not just left swinging open or slightly ajar, it’s at a perfect 90-degree angle and therefore the light is on and it’s just so…weird.  Shut the door!

-I am procrastinating at work because I have about two book fairs I still have follow up from to finish, documentation of my job responsibilities to give my boss so that whomever (her) will cover for me knows what I do and how to do it (she already knows).  All I want to do instead is get organized at home.

-We had a maid service come clean our house today.  I’m not sure how I like the way that sounds since I am capable of cleaning and so is Bub, but let me tell you, the belly gets in the way and Bub? Well he’s on nursery painting and home projects duty and if you had seen our bathroom and the dust? Well, you would have shelled out some cash for a maid, too.  They did a good job, not perfect (I’m very particular about the way the bed is made), but they were thorough.  Now if only we can keep it up.

-I went to this coffee place during lunch for an iced decaf mocha.  It’s a drivethrough and not a Starbucks.  I get to the window and say my order starting out with “Tall” and think “Crap, this is not Starbucks” so I retract my order and start again with normal words like “Small”.  I get to the pickup window and the woman repeats my order to me before handing off the coffee.  She works there all the time and has never done this before.  I half expected her to ask for my name so she could appropriately identify me for the pickup.

That’s all I got for Tuesday, kids. 


itsy bitsy mama

4 thoughts on “thoughts

  1. Three things. One? I LURVE avocados. So. Much. Two? It drives me bat shit bonkers when people leave the microwave/cupboard/copier/laptop not in use open. I make a point of loudly shutting them. And no, no one cares. Three? Email me stat about the 4th of July – we need to make plans!

  2. I’ve asked BHF many times if later in life, when we (hopefully) have money, can we please hire a maid service? I HATE cleaning and am not good at it. BHF is too sporadic to be counted on.

    I hear ya on the microwave thing – ANNOYING!

  3. I love love LOVE avocados. It stems from working at California Pizza Kitchen, where they put avocados on everything. And they are a source of good fat! Yay! I put avocados on anything that doesn’t move.

    Also? Maid service. Rocks. Totally worth the cost for my mental health! Also, for those that haven’t utilized a maid service before, they don’t necessarily have be a rich, expensive treat reserved for the rich. It’s all a matter of what you want to budget. I know my BF and I can skip two nights out to eat to pay for our monthly service :-)

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