That is how my doctor described my current state yesterday.

You’re getting close.

Not as close as my friend who is due in about 2 short weeks.  Not as close as having to be admitted for having contractions or being dilated.  Not close like I’m about to leave the hospital with my newborn and be a mom.  For the rest of my life. 

But close.

Today, I have hit the 8th month mark.  32 weeks.  And although there are 8 weeks left to go, there could be less.  And that is whoa-worthy.

These kicks are the best; they come regularly and I can see them just by looking at my belly.  I’m reminded that there is a little nose and mouth in there and the fingernails have grown all they will until birth.

I’m still convinced baby is a boy.  Last weekend at my shower there were a plethora of predictions.  We’re just going to have to wait and see.  Either way I just pray for a healthy little bug.  Everything is really out of our hands.  That’s why the pregnancy has been an emotional one.  I like control.

This week went by relatively quickly.  There’s much work to do in the office, yet I procrastinate here. 

I hope I don’t turn into a procrastinating mama.  That’s not a very good blog title anyway.


6 thoughts on “close

  1. I don’t think it’s possible to procrastinate when there’s a baby who will yip (not yell, yip) at you whenever he or she is hungry/sleepy/wet/poopy/bored. Do babies get bored?

  2. I’m really not good with medical emergencies, so please don’t give birth next Sunday, kthxbai.


  3. Close is right.

    I always get procrastination fever before something major happens in my life. i just can’t seem to concentrate on anything else.

    Enjoy your weekend and the kicks too =)

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