So let me tell you about writing from the comfort of home with my husband’s bathrobe on because, yes, they closed our office for the 4th one day early and I couldn’t be more grateful because I feel burned out at the office and was ready to pull my hair out.

Well, maybe not.

But I’m still happy to have the day off today.  Today is diaper day.  Today I’m doing a Target run for all those goodies I was not going to register for: nipple cream, bum medicine a.k.a. diaper ointment and so forth.  It’s a date with myself really, and I hope I make it to Starbucks for a frappacinio treat because it’s forecasted to be hot as hell here today and slushy [decaf] coffee goodness is always in order in hell, not that I would know.

So moving right along…

My husband called me bipolar recently which would be an insult if it were the first time he’s called me this, but I can fully understand where he’s coming from because you see? With the inevitable questions of when I’m due from strangers, acquaintances, and such, come questions like how do you feel, but then? Is the nursery set? Is the baby’s room ready? And to those questions my face falls and I get silent and then say with confidence: No.  No, no, no!

You see, my husband, Bub, love of my life who I married almost 2 years ago, but have known for 7? Well he takes pride in the whole do-it-yourself the Bob Villa way.  And I admire that because I’m the person who likes to Google for the best contractor to do something.  Can’t clean anymore due to my growing belly? Call that maid service! And voila, we’re done and making another mess.  But the whole paint thing? My husband feels it’s his duty and believe me, I’ve been right there sleeping on the drop cloth helping him all the way when we lived in our condo.  Now, as a pregnant woman? And living in an old house? I stay away from the dust and the fumes and I become well, a monster.

I turn into this bossy dictator (and what kind of dictator are you if you’re not bossy?).  WHEN is the room going to be set? How LONG is this going to take to get done? So yeah, Bub is making great strides.  He is almost done with the sanding, spackling, more sanding, and the latest: priming, of the nursery.  We *think* we’ve nailed down a paint color (light green, a celery if you will), but might check out some other shades, and I’m just ready for him to FINISH! And so when he is sweating after working on getting the walls ready for paint, paint our baby will probably not notice the first bit of his or her life, I am his cheerleader.  Great work!! I say.  Keep it up!!! I wish I could help!! (ahem) But when I call him from staying at work late and he is watching TV mere moments after he’s arrived home from his job (because being a nursery painter is not his day job), I get all psycho and say, you know I may go into labor early and the clock is ticking! And the threats to hire someone to finish off this home project have risen a good amount as a result and I may or may not have hung up on him while stressing about this.  Yes, I can understand how he calls me bipolar and how I’ve turned into nursery monster.

So this weekend? This weekend is a long weekend and of course, tomorrow being the holiday, I can’t possibly expect Bub to want to work on the nursery…

So I know that I need to chill but I’ve given him a number of outs on this so that we can just have someone finish the room off.  So help me brainstorm, what are good bribes that may work in this case? I mean, not that I would bribe my husband, but you know, he may just use it for motivation.  : )


3 thoughts on “nag

  1. The hubby says that you should offer “Bub” the opportunity to buy more tools, regardless if he needs them or not. He is convinced that is proper motivation.

  2. I am the same way. If BHF says he’s going to do something I expect it will get done sooner rather than later (or at the very first instance an opportunity to do it arises).

    But when it doesn’t then I get testy.

    To answer your question: I’ve got nothing. But I’ve got my fingers crossed that Bub will ease your anxiety this weekend by making some great progress =)

    Happy 4th!

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