This heat has me feeling constantly tired, almost as if I’m drugged.  I don’t remember the last time I slept in so much and took naps.  Maybe college? In any event, if I’m tired now, imagine how tired I’ll be with a little bug looking for food every two hours or so…

So today was momentous.  I met La.  I also met Pessimistic Redhead, but for those who didn’t know, I knew PR in a previous life (work).  She’s a cool, down-to-Earth chick with perfect red hair that behaves (unlike mine), who I wish I could have formed a friendship with a bit better before I resigned from that job…but so here we are again, reconnecting in person, for longer than a second like we did at the work event I went to right before I ventured off on my babymoon. 

La is as cute as a button.  A girly girl in her fun skirt and accessories, she is exactly what I expected her to be: easy going, fun, and stylish.  I felt like I rained on her and PR’s parade by sabatoging their lunch plans since I woke up late (again with the sleeping!) and did not make a separate plan with La.  However, it seemed to work out. 

We ate. We shopped.  We ate more (ice cream!).  We talked about boys and blogging and babies (of course!).  I love easy-going first time meetings and that is what I felt like this afternoon was.  Thanks, ladies, for a fun time!

PR found an adorable onesie that I think may just be the one we dress baby in when we take he or she home from the hospital.  And with it I found a matching hat and bib that I bought.  Bub asked why we need so many clothes for a baby that young if it’s going to grow and grow.  It’s just the way it is I say.  Plus the bonus being that if and when we have a baby #2, the gender neutral yellow will work either way, for a boy or girl.

The 4th of July weekend has been nice, I must say.  With work doldrums not too far off, I have had a good share of (sleep) and relaxation, but also getting things organized in our home.  I hit Target on Thursday as planned and there I bought diapers for the first time ever.  I know, pretty momentous, huh?

It was strange.  But good strange.

I spent almost 2 hours there looking carefully at first aid stuff, nursing supplies, and baby clothes, of course.  I felt good that I made a dent in what I will supposedly need at some point in the near future.

But a highlight of the weekend outside of the really fantastic fireworks in our town on Thursday night (I always get teary-eyed during fireworks, the loud noise and lights make me reflect on my life more so than when one does at the start of a new year when the ball drops), was when my parents came over for a barbecue on the 4th (which was yummy).  It was what they brought that was most exciting: our baby stroller system! This was their shower gift to us and immediately after they left we put it together.  I’ve mastered how to open and close it easily, snap in the car seat and so forth.  When Bub went out yesterday I took it for a spin in the house on my own and imagined all the places I could stroll to.  Down the street, to the local Starbucks, on the beach, on the sidewalks of neighborhoods we love, anywhere.

It smells like new sneakers, rubbery and new and it’s right by the entrance to our kitchen so I see it often and it makes me smile.

A mommy toy, for sure.

So laundry awaits me. 

La, here’s hoping you made it home safely; come back and visit soon (and bring Boots! : )


itsy bitsy mama

PS: Bub made good progress on the nursery; an update will follow soon!


2 thoughts on “drugged

  1. Sorry (again) for the belly touching, but it was so wonderful meeting you and getting to hang out! Next time, you bring the bitty, and I’ll bring Boots!


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