I remember my first trip to the gyno.  I was worried about what was in store for me.  I had heard stories.  Who was this doctor that was going to poke and prod and swab me?

I got over it, but not the cold instruments used to get me my test results.

I’ve always felt that a woman gyno can do a better job than a male one.  Maybe it’s because we have the same parts and that she gets it, down there.

I loved my gyno and hoped she would be delivering my baby.  Unfortunately, that dream burst into 1,000 pieces when she told me she no longer does OB work and that I would have to switch doctors.


So here I am with an OB she recommended.  For the most part, I’ve been pleased with her save the few times I feel rushed to get out my laundry list of questions quickly so that she can go see an infinite number of other patients in an hour’s time.

But comfortable or not with my OB, the truth is, she may not be delivering my bug.  No, it could be her or any of the other half-dozen female or male doctors who are part of the practice.

And I sorta forgot that.

So these next few weeks, starting at my next appointment, I will be seeing a doctor other than my own OB.  And it just so happens that the only time available to see an available doctor that week to perform the Group B Strep test (which I imagine to be like a pap smear) and to discuss the results of my last (!) ultrasound before the birth, is a man.

So some guy other than my husband is going to be all up in my business.

I told Bub I have to get over this.  After all, maybe this male dcotor is the one who delivers our baby. 

I’m sure he’s fine and professional and whatever, but I just don’t like it. 

Maybe they’ll let me do the test myself and hand it over to the OB after the fact?

And if I make good on that, then perhaps I can just handle the birth on my own, too?

9 thoughts on “gyno

  1. I had a man before…….they usually have a female nurse present in the room with him when he is all up in your biz. If not, you can request one. Hey at least having a audience will prepare you for the live show in a few short weeks!

  2. LOL! I’ve actually always used a guy OB/GYN. He was a referral from my sister, and really I didn’t care who was doing you-know-what as long as they were quick and gentle! I really hated that my doc was in a practice with like 12 other docs. I had NO CLUE who would be delivering my baby. Of course I wanted my regular guy, and since I was induced, it was SO possible that he’d be the one to deliver! Unfortunately he went off call at Noon on the day LO was born (at 11:48 PM) and I had another guy from their practice deliver. Really, when you’re at that point and are showing the world all your glory, you don’t care who’s doing it as long as they get the baby out quickly and safely! You’ll do FINE! :)

  3. Oh, and I don’t recommend handling the birth on your own. I hear that leads to a lot of extra paperwork for the labor/delivery nurses, and probably the docs, too! LOL!

  4. i had to have a male do a girl exam on me before in the ER. seriously? not that big of a deal. as long as you relax and realize that he’s just doing his job.

  5. Oh I would totally feel the exact same way. But look at it this way – better to meet the doctors NOW rather than at delivery. Right?

    Good luck!

  6. Eeks, I would feel that way, too, and I’m not even prego. I had a male OB to begin with, but I didn’t like it ONE BIT, and now I have his daughter, and I love her. She’s the most patient person ever, and I generally think she knows what she’s doing. You know, except for that time when she told me I had cancer and then was like, “Oops! I take it back! No you don’t!” Good times.

    Have a great weekend, my dear!

  7. I hear where you’re coming from. But think of it this way, if you have a man during labor you probably won’t care who is down there at that point! :)

  8. I’m sure it will be totally professional and, ok, probably a bit awkward. I have a female ob/gyn and she is wonderful! I don’t mind going to her at all.

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