baby steps

Bub painted the nursery. 


It is awesome.  He did a great job.  I helped a teeny weeny bit but if you ask him he’d probably say, you did?

The color is a pistachio green–perfect for pinks if we have a girl, perfect for blues if we have a boy.

The car seat is installed and now I look at it each time I get in and think whoa! Somebody’s coming!

I washed baby clothes.  And not only are they clean, but they smell like baby.  Dreft, it’ll do that to you.

We are very close to securing a day care.  Part of me hates the unkown of what I’ll decide to do after the baby comes.  It’s looking like I’ll work but not 5 days a week.  Bub and I both don’t want our baby in care for that many days.  It would also be nice to extend my time just with the baby to 6 months or a year, but we’re still figuring it all out.

Someone recently told Bub they wanted us to have a boy and it bothered me. 

I guess I’m so used to hearing people say that as long as it’s a healthy baby, who cares? I got really annoyed by it and Bub didn’t get it.  The funny thing is that I think it is a boy.  Don’t get me wrong, if it is a girl I’ll be elated.  Either way.  But who goes and voices what they want us to have? Just let it be. 

I couldn’t switch my next doctor’s appointment next week to a different day, so not only am I seeing a man who will be all up in my business, but I will be doing so on our wedding anniversary. 

Cue the romance.

On the physical front? I started getting swollen bits.  My ankles, feet, and hands.  Right now I’m fine, but on Friday and Saturday I looked puffy and old ladyish and it was weird.

Also, when I get up from sitting after a while my pelvis feels crazy.  Like I need to grease my hip bones. 

I’ve been sleeping pretty well (knock on wood) these past few nights.  But my belly is so far out there that I really do think they should make belly bras.

Baby’s been busy doing its baby dance in mama’s belly today.  She’ll miss that once baby arrives, but luckily we have dancing out here in the real world, too.


itsy bitsy mama


5 thoughts on “baby steps

  1. i hear you on the swelling hands and feet. the feet i can handle — the hands? oh my do they HURT.

    are you going to post any nursery pics?

  2. I love this post because it gives me so many good things to look forward to, like car seat installation and clean baby clothes. I love the idea of pistachio green, I’m sure it’s fabulous.

  3. Please don’t stay seated for too long…it makes me cringe just thinking about it lol.

    Oooh, I agree, I want to see nursery pics when it is finished!

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