new life

This morning at 3:57am, my friend gave birth to her daughter, Kylie Marie.  She called me just after I arrived to work and I got the chills.  She has crossed the threshold into parenthood and is a new mom.  I am already proud of her.  Her daughter is surely lucky to have a cool mom who, without a doubt, loved her since she first spoke the words that she was pregnant.

Just a short while ago, a friend who I feel is spotty because we are both not more diligent about maintaining our friendship called me to tell me that she is engaged.  She always has the best intentions and genuinely seems to care for me as a person.  It’s these friendships that frustrate me because you’d think it would be easier to communicate and, therefore, see one another.  I am grateful for the few interactions a year we do have.  And isn’t it funny that the friend who just had a baby is out of state and we talk regularly, yet this friend who just got engaged works in the same town I do and it’s next to impossible to get together?

And finally, tomorrow a good friend gets married.  And I am missing it.  Not because I didn’t want to be there.  No, my doctor advised against traveling this late in my pregnancy. 

I have thought of her all day today as she gets ready to enjoy her rehearsal dinner–which was one of my favorite times during my wedding weekend.  And tomorrow I’ll think of her just as I reflected on my own wedding day two years ago.  I am so happy for her and I hope that she can forgive me for not being there in person.

Finally, I was emailing with one of the nurses at my doctor’s office yesterday about something others would find silly, yet I was worried about, and at the end of the nurse’s email she wrote, “Relax.  Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.” It’s funny because I know that I will soon meet a little someone inside of my belly and I am ecstatic for that, but part of me will miss the anticipation and the bond I’ve been sharing with baby as he or she kicks and has hiccups.  I suppose I’ll use these feelings, these intense hormones, to hug my little one a bit longer when he or she arrives.  I can’t wait to meet you, sweet baby.

I just hope the delivery goes smoothly and that baby is safe and healthy.

Pray for us,

itsy bitsy mama


2 thoughts on “new life

  1. I am certain that your friend understands why you can’t be at her wedding – no forgiveness needed!

    I totally understand how you feel about giving birth and I will pray (for sure!) that you have a healthy baby.

    Have a great weekend!

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