we shall never speak of it

And yet, a moron made it happen.  At least not to me, but I’m outraged that it happened at all.

There are several women in my office who are either pregnant or just had babies.  It makes for nice conversation to compare notes and plan and get excited and console one another through the “I feel huge” stage or the “I didn’t get any sleep last night!” episode. 

And then there’s pumping.  Something I hope to have the patience to do if and when I return to work and am still breastfeeding.  However, I never thought a woman could do what I just witnessed.

I have a nosy office neighbor.  She learns that I had to take bub to the hospital for a procedure months ago and for some dumb reason, my boss told her as such, and so she’s in here trying to get the 411 on everything.  Then there’s the fact that if she’s bored at work (which is 80-90% of the time), she runs into my office to have a gossip/I hate work/I hate our boss fest.  OK.  I get it.  Now leave me alone. 

Then there’s the humming.  It’s one thing to hum.  It’s another to sing LOUDLY so that I can hear you through a shut door.

And today, well today she walked in on a fellow colleague–while PUMPING! But the best part (and yes, I’m being sarcastic) is that the woman who was pumping used an office soon to be vacant (as in the person whose office it is works from home about 4 days a week and resigned and her last day is tomorrow) and had the door shut.  In my 3 years here, no one has ever gone into a closed office unannounced without a knock.  Sure, it could happen.  But how about nosy neighbor is friends with the woman whose office that was and just got off the phone with her seeing as how she had the call on speaker?? So again, N-O-S-Y!

The breastfeeding woman was cool about it; I heard her say “It’s OK” when nosy neighbor apologized, but I would have been furious.  I am furious.  Mind your own effing business.  Don’t go opening doors that are closed; they are closed for a REASON!

So, moving on, Bub and I have been number crunching and it aint pretty.  We don’t know what’s going to come of my work situation once I have the baby and yet I feel the need to secure daycare so I don’t lose the last infant spot at a place that only takes 3 infants at most.  Oh, and if I didn’t come back to work? I have exactly one week left of working with my boss as she’ll be away until my little bug arrives.  And the thought to just be done with this place? It’s a sweet thought, indeed.

2 thoughts on “we shall never speak of it

  1. that’s what i said to my husband last night, “what if i don’t want to go back to work because i’m having too much fun at home?” but i have to go back, so i’m just thinking positively about it. :)

    that’s my fear about pumping at work even though my office has a door.

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