Well, I don’t know about developments down there, not at least until tomorrow’s doc’s appointment, but here’s a sampling of how my weekend went:

Bub said “Oh my God!” and stared at the car as we were on our way out to do errands this weekend and I thought great, right after I take the car to be serviced someone broke in or something.  No, instead, my big honking wallet that I never take out of the house (since it’s big and honking) was lying on the ground, soaked through.  It smells, it might be ruined and yeah. 

Three strangers asked if I was sure that I wasn’t having twins.  Thanks! I think I know! NO! This further fuels my thoughts that I do look like a whale.

This weekend was the most uncomfortable I’ve been.  Just getting in and out of the car is a chore.

So that mural Bub wanted to paint on the nursery walls? ALMOST DONE!

Yes, we found the images online, borrowed an overhead projector, traced, outlined, and are almost done painting.  I worked on it like it was my job all this weekend.  Are we artists? No.  But is it perfect? I think so.  We have elephants, zebras, a lion, turtles, and fish! The colors are so fun and it really jazzes up the walls.  My husband, the creative guy.  Love you! Shame on me for thinking we couldn’t pull it off.

Finally, we secured a daycare spot.  I feel good about it since we think the care will be top-notch (or else we’ll go elsewhere, thankyouverymuch), and I feel good that we have this as a safety net in case I go back to work.  It’s really hard to say what will happen after the baby comes.  Sure, staying at home permanently might be nice but I may want a part time gig.  For now I’m planning on returning to work with an abbreviated schedule…or at least a work from home at times one.

So, four days to go.  But I think it’ll be more.  I think I’m ready to say out loud that I’m really ready.  Not necessarily for the lifestyle change.  I’m not sure what that entails quite yet, but I think I’m really ready to meet this little bug now that we’re just about as organized as can be at home. 

I can only imagine amazing things for us. 


itsy bitsy mama


4 thoughts on “developments

  1. Oh my gosh. 4 days. I can’t wait to hear what the doc says tomorrow!

    How did the wallet get outside? I’m sorry it is ruined.

  2. I seriously cannot believe it is so soon. I’m so excited for you and keep waiting every day to get a message that you have a little one, live and in person!

  3. Wowzers. Your life must be so surreal right now. I’m sorry you’re uncomfortable. He or she will be here so soon!

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