ping pong, babywatch, relax and repeat

Some of you know I got Bub a ping pong table for his birthday.  He reads this blog and knows about it.  We just need a way to get it to our house as they won’t ship it and our car is small.  I look forward to getting in a few games before baby arrives.  I hope Bub’s excited about it because he really wanted it and I’m not an expert on the best kind of table to have.  So we shall see.  Hopefully we’ll have it set up soon.

I’m just two (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) days away from the date I’ve been sharing with so many…my due date.  And I thought telling people what date you’re getting married was one that would get worn out.  Last night we went to dinner and while waiting at the hostess stand which was right in front of part of the bar, I noticed one by one that people turned to take a good long look at the belly.  Lately I’ve been too tired to react but last night I was hungry and therefore grouchy so while staring back I spoke up to Bub and said something like “Look, they’ve never seen a pregnant person before.” I think they realized that I knew they were talking about me.  How do I look different than any other almost 10-month pregnant lady?

I had been enjoying the attention, the “When are you due? Is it a boy or a girl? Is this your first?”, but the body commentary–are we sure we’re not having twins, the stares, the people scooting over to one side as if I really am a cow that needs to squeeze by? It’s really a tad bit dramatic.

And finally, we finished the nursery mural on Monday night!! Pics to come soon! Our new elephant curtains come tomorrow, hopefully, and outside of a bookcase, I think we are set.  I bought a print to hang up in baby’s room without Bub’s approval and shocker, he’s not a fan.  Says the zebra looks silver.  And what kind of zebra is silver? Well, we have 2 zebras we painted that are white and black.  I think we’ve got zebras covered. 

So now there’s just a bit more cleaning and organizing I want to do.  But I’m ready to really sit my bum down and feel like we are ready. 

Ready, ready for what’s to come.

I have a feeling that in a few weeks from now I’ll be of a whole other mindset.

Zebra print:

For others, check out: or the artist’s blog: Fall Down Tree.


6 thoughts on “ping pong, babywatch, relax and repeat

  1. I love the print!

    You may be able to hire someone off of craigslist to transport and move the table.

  2. Two days!!!!

    I think you look like a normal, healthy, pregnant woman. People are just ignorant, and sometimes (too often) rude.

    I LOVE the zebra print! It’s very cute.

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