mama deadline

The mama deadline is here.

I laid on my left side and stared at what I guessed was flat or eggshell ivory walls as I had two belts strapped over the enormousness that is my stretched out belly.  It felt good since I feel like I’ve needed a belly sling since around June. 

Immediately the galloping could be heard.  If you listen long enough, which I did at 20 minutes-plus, you might think it was tap dancing.  Fast.  Slow.  Medium.  Fast.  Faster.  I tried to link one of the background whooshes to my breaths, but I’m not sure my breathing was picked up on this thing.

Little bug passed the non-stress test with flying colors.

My cervix was less active; it’s still at the same 1 cm dilation that it was last week.  And an induction has been arranged. 

The mama deadline is here. 

On Thursday morning I will have meds administered by one male doctor who I’ve met.

On Friday after being sent home (unless I go into labor), I will return for Pitocin, and will be tended to by a doctor I’ve only spoken to on the phone.  Again, male. 

So much for having a female doc…!

And on Saturday? Or Friday night? Or sometime soon after (or possibly earlier?), I think I’ll have crossed the threshold into mommyhood.

The mama deadline is here.

I can’t think of anything else.



8 thoughts on “mama deadline

  1. Oh my lord! This is so very exciting! To know exactly (ish) when the little bitty will arrive! I can’t wait!!!

  2. Well how COULD you think of anything else? You do understand that I will be on the edge of my seat starting Thursday, right? AAAAHHHHH!!!!!

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