1 month old

Yes, I’m still here, but there’s this little bug named Ian who happens to take priority over everything in my life.  Therefore blogging? Is taking a very far backseat to everything else.

So quickly I shall fill you in that I’ve come a ways from where I was when we first arrived home with Ian. 

After being peed on so much, I’ve learned it’s okay not to change your pants since you’re making up by changing the baby’s clothes 100 times more than you would your own–in a month.

Getting to a playgroup even to socialize with stranger-moms will do wonders for your mind.

Cuddling with a baby on a rainy day beats out cuddling with a pet, trust me.

Seeing your baby smile at you especially in the wee hours of the morning makes everything else seem insignificant… 

I love you little bug.  And yes, it is true.  Time really does move too quickly.  I can’t believe we welcomed you into this world 4 weeks ago!


itsy bitsy mama


6 thoughts on “1 month old

  1. I was just thinking about you this morning, and wondering how you were doing! He really is such a beautiful boy!

    That thing about cuddling in the rain? Yah, that did NOT help with trying to stop me from thinking about wanting babies… :)


  2. I think cuddling with a baby and my two dogs would be heaven. I’m not sure if it will ever happen though!

    Glad you’re enjoying your time with Ian =)

  3. You are a great mommy. I made the no bakes yesterday and was immediately brought back to high school in your kitchen after school!

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