life, part II

My guy is currently sleeping in his Pack ‘n Play and sucking on his thumb.  I figured the sleepy photo, above, would be a good indication of how he looks after he’s stopped fussing right before he tuckers out. 

Ian doesn’t usually enjoy the Pack ‘n Play.  I think the fact that the cushion/mattress/whatever, if you will, is really a paper-thin sheet of foam that makes for an “eh” sleep experience.  But that’s just a guess.  As you all know I’ve become obsessed with elephants which began in preparation for my little one’s birth so we did pick the Pack ‘n Play with elephants on it amongst other creatures.  And the arch of stuffed critters hanging overhead like a mobile and attached to the Pack ‘n Play? Well, those are elephants of course.

So apparently after a long nap, feeding, and bath, Ian is taking to this environment for his next nap.

The thumb sucking is new and so darn cute!

For those who are unaware, I was a huge thumb sucker.  It was killer to quit it.  My parents just about pulled their hair out after trying everything to make me stop (braces eventually won me over).  I did not use binkies; apparently I spit them out (and I hear weaning them from babies/toddlers is a challenge; and yes, I’m aware of the orthodontic challenges to come if Ian continues to enjoy his thumb as much as his mother did.  But for now? So.  Darn.  Cute!) He jams a thumb, fingers, whatever in his mouth until he settles on the thumb and well, we never saw this behavior on ultrasounds as some may have been fortunate to witness.

So, moving right along.  I am broken.  As in, I am in pain.  No broken bones, hopefully, but it’s not unusual for a new mom or parent to pull or strain something while handling a new babe.  Well, that’s me.  Last week, I’m assuming during one of many trips to and from the car probably, I pulled something and pinched a nerve and so I’m most likely suffering from sciatica according to my doctor.  I have to go to a physical therapist which fits in oh-so-nicely in my maternity leave schedule.  I haven’t left the house in a while and when I do, I have to be in my husband’s presence so that I can sit in the car with Ian and tell Bub what errands to run.  Yes, I’ve become that sort of wife.  I feel sorry for Bub, too.

All of this drama aside, I’m still adoring Ian (yes, I know you’re shocked) and dreading work (again, shocked).  I’m so dreading work that after finally figuring out what to do as far as my schedule is concerned I’ve now decided there must be some other way not to have to return in just under four weeks.  Right? I’d prefer if I could just move to the UK where a year is standard leave for moms.

Enough bitchin’–Halloween is at the end of the week and when you are cooped up in the house with a hip that leaves you limping you bet that I’m sampling the Halloween candy! How it does wonders for a figure trying to shed baby weight!

So enjoy our pumpkins (sorry Facebook friends, you have seen this one) and then a pic of me and my rolled out of bed look–but hey, anything to cuddle with my son.  Oh, how I love to say that!


4 thoughts on “life, part II

  1. Awww…he’s just so darn cute. I love the photo of the two of you.

    Nice pumpkins! I hope to get ours carved tonight or tomorrow – nothing like waiting until the last minute!

    I hope you feel better. Sciatica sounds yucky and not something a new mom should have to deal with!

  2. Hey, love Ian in blue! I hate that you are in pain, but it does get better. Keep those photo’s coming!!!

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