surviving…a mish mash post

I am proud of myself.  Never in the history of Courtney have I been this strong.

I’ve eaten oatmeal for breakfast and sometimes lunch the past almost week or so and oatmeal? I was not a fan.  And raisins? Same thing.  Now I look forward to eating it because it’s warm and with enough sugar and cinnamon it’s bearable.  And Bub is really nice about making me a special bowl.

Other things I have eaten? Baked beans for lunch.  Open the can, heat up, and voila.  Also, I’m not surprised that my favorite grocery store ever, Trader Joe’s, has stuff to help a lady in need.  The crackers I had lying around unopened from there are MENS-free (milk, eggs, nuts, soy-free) so I gobbled those up pretty fast.  I can eat fish, just not too much…and I’ve had much more fruit than I would eat if I weren’t on this diet.  I’ve gone back to drinking coffee black, sometimes with a bit of sugar.  Although I bought my first rice milk drink last night.  It isn’t so bad but soy is sooo much tastier.   

As a test to my willpower–and not because Bub was trying to be harsh–I’ve sat and watched him eat bread slathered with butter, PIZZA!, a CROISSANT! (yes, a new French bakery just had to open up this weekend and we went, but all I had was coffee as I stared at cases of goodies), and sherbet.  Now for some reason I thought sherbet was safe.  I had one teaspoon and thought this can’t be right.  And I was right.  Damn, it has cream in it. 

All of these food woes aside, I’m surviving and I feel a bit healthier for it.  I made chili last night and potatoes with vinegar are my favorite side dish so far on this diet.  Slice a little avocado and I’m good to go.  Just like Rachael Ray.

All food matters aside, I returned to work on Thursday.  Wow, how weird.  It felt like I had not even left! I walked into my office, sat down and because I’m anal I had set my wall calendar to November when I left in August so that I’d be ready to go when I returned…and I stared at my clean white board and thought I had just returned from a long vacation.  My suggestion to those mothers getting ready to go back and will be using a daycare facility, have your significant other to stay at home with baby as you transition.  It makes the process easier to swallow until you start daycare.  I’m nervous for that but we have another two weeks before starting there.

And also? Schedule a vacation right after your go back to work.  I’m off this whole week! : )

And so we are off to see a GI doctor tomorrow so wish us luck.  We weren’t going to go see one until I’ve been on the diet a month or so but the pediatrician thought that it would be helpful given that I’m still exclusively nursing Ian. 

Someone at work not close to the situation of me exclusively nursing and handling this diet said why do you have to keep nursing? I didn’t immediately have an answer.  I know there are health benefits and whatnot to nursing your baby, but for me it’s feeling like I can provide something for Ian no one else can.  I feel like it’s something I want to do for him.  And I feel like an allergy or not following this diet robs me of the opportunity to give of myself to him.

The little one is waking up.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!


3 thoughts on “surviving…a mish mash post

  1. I think you’re doing great so far. How did that can of baked beans work out though? The idea of eating an entire can for a meal makes my stomach hurt a little. But the oatmeal…mmm. My favorite winter breakfast.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yay, I’m glad things are getting a little easier. And maybe meeting with the doctor will help.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. GOOD JOB Courts you are stronger than you know. I’m not envious but you gotta do what you gotta do. The food will be there when you’re done with this stage. Think of it as an adventure!

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