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I spilled coffee all over my scarf, coat, and glove this morning because I am the bag lady.  I carry four different shaped and sized bags with me to work each day.  There’s the laptop which I could stand to leave behind at the office for the days I am working there, but then I’d get sick one day and have to return on my work from home day to pick it up and that would be not only awkward, but a pain the in ass.  There’s my pump bag with the cooler inside where I put all of my milk (side note–my boss thinks it’s TMI if I say “I’m pumping”.  What?).  Then I have a purse, not because I’m that high maintenance but because the laptop bag and the pump bag don’t leave much room for necessities like the wallet and cell phone.  And then there’s the lunch bag. 

I’m glad I didn’t spill coffee on my actual outfit.  I’m so pleased to be wearing more “old” clothes.  “Old” as in I wore them before I was pregnant and well, I’m happy to fit into these items now.  I chock it up to eating lots of bread and potato chips…oh, and oatmeal.  Those are my staples on the diet these days.

We bought teeny, tiny utensils that change color when the food is too hot for little mister Ian. 

I am excited to start him on rice cereal.

I’m thinking of starting on V-Day.

Valentine’s Day makes me think of the childhood valentines I’d give out to all the boys and girls in my class in elementary school.

Once I accidentally wrote “To: Courtney” and “From: ____” (the person who was supposed to receive the valentine).  I swear I wasn’t drinking.

I signed “Love: Courtney” on my valentine for my crush in the 3rd grade.  He totally picked up on it (who wouldn’t?) and gave me one of his school pictures with the cheesy backgrounds they used to use as a backdrop.  He signed his name, and yes, I loved that he gave it to me.

He was never my boyfriend.

I’m currently pumping (TMI?) and although it’s great because I can multitask, I don’t like walking to the kitchen with the pump parts because grown men, like this one guy I work with who has four kids, GIGGLE when I’m washing the parts.  Again, how old are you? And yes, he has laughed on more than one occasion.

I’m not looking forward to the snow tomorrow.  Our driveway is like an ice rink and I’m really afraid I’ll fall with Ian.  Also, I’m ready for warm weather and to not have to bundle myself up anymore and spill hot liquids on my winter items.  And bundling up Ian is hard when all he wants to do is play and grab my sweater and suck on my hair and eat his fingers.  I call them finger sandwiches.  And I love when he plays with what I wear.  Yesterday evening he was so engrossed with a ruffle on my shirt, he forgot to nurse.

I’ve said this before, but cuddling with your baby is the best thing ever.  Especially after nursing in the side lying position when you’ve drifted off to sleep for a few more moments and you wake up with your kid nestled close by to you in dream land.

Our house is a mess.  I feel that although it’s not the woman’s job to clean house, I feel some what responsible that we’re not as clean as we could be.  There aren’t enough hours when I get home in the evening to play and hang out with Ian who has been in daycare so I’m going to opt for play over cooking and cleaning.  But each morning I am reminded that I should do this and that and this.  But really, Ian is always at the top of the list so as long as his clothes are clean, his room is tidy, and he is happy (first and foremost), I can ignore the trash that needs to go out in the trash can that is frozen to the ground, the dust that’s accumulating everywhere, and the frigging wannabe squeaky clean floor (because who thinks white is a good choice for a kitchen floor?) that never gets swept and mopped enough.  Or Swiffer-ed often.

We are thinking about switching to cloth diapers.  I am not a huge green/environmental person.  Not that I don’t care, I think I’m just lazy.  But all the waste from diapers is getting to me.  So much trash, so many diaper purchases.  We got the Bum Genius diapers to try and I think I like them, but I have a dumb question–they have inserts.  So if your kid poops, obviously you change the whole diaper.  But if he pees, don’t you change the whole diaper, too? And if so, what’s the point of the insert??!

I’m 20 seconds away from being finished with pumping.  Back to work.  Woah is Tuesday!!

Did anyone else catch 24 last night? What about LOST from last week? Talk to me people.  I promise to post more!


4 thoughts on “all about me

  1. I spilled coffee all over my desk yesterday.

    Bennett loves rice cereal and has moved onto carrots.

    My house is also dirty. We finally put away the Christmas decorations on Saturday.

    Cuddling with Bennett after she’s been away all day is awesome.

    I don’t say anything, just close my door to pump. Why not rinse them out in the bathroom? I do that.

    Have a good day.

  2. We’re going to try cloth too. Yes, whether the baby pees or poops, you still have to change the whole diaper. I think the benefits of the Bum Genius are that they fit a wide size range and are really good about not leaking (from what I hear). You don’t have to worry about anything other than stuffing the liner in there – no diaper protectors or doing anything extra to secure them closed. We bought a couple this past weekend too – my plan is to try out a few different types of diapers and then go from there.

    Who cares about a messy house – there will be plenty of time to clean and only once that Ian will be this age!

  3. I think it’s awesome that you typed this while pumping. I used to talk on the phone while pumping and people would ask, “What’s that noise?” Oh, it’s the pump. Yes I am. Hehehe. :)

    Very true about the house and only getting this time once. It’s hard to remember that but it’s so true. Enjoy it.

  4. Hi girlie,

    I was thinking of using cloth diapers as well, but with the girls arriving so early, not sure how that’ll fit in… also, one of our darlings drops bombs like you wouldn’t believe already… not sure I could handle that rinsing and cleaning without fainting. :)

    I also think it’s awesome that you typed while pumping… I’m having a hard time doing anything else as I feel I have to concentrate. You’d think being in the marching band would have given me coordination, but alas no. Also, I’m using one that isn’t “hands free.” Technically, i guess you’re supposed to be able to do other things, but I’ve found I can’t. It’s the Medela Symphony.

    Hmm, when did I start talking about poop and boobs all at once? (and I’m not even a 10 year old boy!)

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