I’m in a crap mood.  And it stinks because today is my day off, and why should I feel crappy?

Yesterday sucked.  Ian has been on and off with drinking the formula.  Mostly on; he’ll drink most of his 6 oz bottle and then we’re on to something else, thank goodness, because he gets bored with the whole process pretty quick.  But then there are times when it’s a struggle to get him to drink half the thing and I feel like I’m force-feeding him which is apparent when he pukes or spits up a good deal of it. 

I started to get stressed about this last week when I picked Ian up from daycare on Wednesday, which is his last day he goes to care during the work week.  It took him 1/2 hour to have 1/2 the bottle and now that I was there to pick him up, that was it for the feeding.

I sort of panicked because he’s sleeping through the night, has always been a good eater (of my milk) and I didn’t want him to get into having these small amount bottles and more often.  I didn’t want to mess up his schedule of eating 3-4 hours…so I chalked it up to the nipples being wrong; all of them that came with the bottles are for newborns and therefore, slowly let the fluid come out as a newborn sucks.  Well, Ian is almost 6 months, which blows my mind, and I figured I’d start there, by getting new nipples.  I told the daycare and I had the next five days to test out any new nipples I got.

So I start using them and Ian is sucking down the formula and although he seems to be fine with them, he’s not always sucking down all the liquid completely, but we’re doing fine and ready for Tuesday and for me to pass them along to daycare.

I pick him up on Monday and it’s almost like I get scolded: Ian was spitting up and vomiting and the nipples are not good AT ALL.  They are TOO fast for him.  The ones I bought have 3 settings, so you can change it to a slower flow.  I tell her this and she starts asking me what the other nipples look like.  I tell her I will bring in both kinds tomorrow (yesterday) and she can enjoy using whatever one she thinks is best.  Mind you, I never had an issue as big as she was claiming it to be when I fed Ian with the new nipples all throughout the long weekend.

Yesterday at noon I decide to call and find out what the deal is, was Ian doing better and did they switch to the old nipples? Instead of learning that he was spitting up or doing great the woman says oh, Ian didn’t want his bottle.  Excuse me? Last time I checked that would warrant a phone call.  She said he was sleeping and I told her to wake him up and that he needs to eat.  She said he started crying when she gave him the bottle which he has never done with me.  So I tell her I’ll call back to see if he will now take the bottle.  I am pissed because she doesn’t offer to call me.

I call back in an hour and she said that she thought Ian was having an “off day” and he was SO hungry for the bottle.  Well no shit, Sherlock, he didn’t have his first bottle.  Mind you, I’ve already fed him once that day (his “off day”) so the fact that he was just not interested doesn’t sound very believable.  Have some patience when you feed a baby!

To top this off, the woman who takes care of Ian the majority of the time likes to tell me how she puts Ian on his side after having a bottle for a nap.  I ask if he gets burped and she says yes.  But she worries he could spit up and choke.  I understand she is cautious and wants to do what’s right, but hello? Back to Sleep.  It’s an entire damn campaign.  Read all about it here.  If doctors were so worried about the scenario she was describing with babies being on their sides and spitting up (and that’s what she says she did with her kids–who cares?), then why are we reading and hearing all about Back to Sleep?

So I call Bub and vent.  And what does he do? He calls there.  He leaves a message to talk to this woman’s boss.  And who calls back? The woman, not the boss.  This pisses me off even more.  Bub talks about how I’m uncomfortable and need to be listened to and I’m not sure how I feel about all of this since I didn’t know he was going to call.  All I know is that the woman was still going on about why she puts Ian on his side along with all other babies and how she thought the nipples were defective that I had brought in.  Bub explains about the nipples and how they are designed this way to make it so you can change the flow and she says that’s what Courtney said.  Well why are you still saying they’re defective then?? Did this mean then that she was using the old nipples if she thought the new ones were defective? NO! That would be too easy and make sense. 

So I go to pick up Ian yesterday and wouldn’t you know I was borderline ignored.  I asked twice while facing Ian how he took his third bottle and got no answer from this woman who was sitting mere inches from us.  Any other time I’m in there she’s talking my ear off about all the things I’m doing wrong–Ian’s fingernails are too long (how about she cut them and as a result cut his finger and didn’t tell me?), how his bum is red (because I did something on purpose to give him diaper rash?), how he drools and is he teething? Is that against the law? Her tone makes me mad.  I don’t think I want to pull Ian out of there, but honestly, we pay so much for what we think is quality care and this woman is on a high horse.  It’s time someone reigned her in.

If you excuse me now, I must shower since “the team” delivering my fridge is 1 hour out.  I don’t have my period back yet but boy, do I feel like I’m drowning in hormones.


5 thoughts on “crap

  1. Oh yuck. If this continues and you’re not comfortable with Ian there then definitely look at alternatives. You don’t need to feel like you’re doing something wrong when last time I checked you’re the most conscientious mother I know!

  2. I’m so sorry. It’s hard enough to hear everyone’s opinions as a new mom, but this woman sounds like she is a complete handful. I hope things improve…with Ian’s tummy so that hopefully you can nurse for a little longer, at daycare and your mood in general. Maybe the new fridge will brighten your mood. Did you do a kitchen remodel or was it just time for a new one?

  3. I can’t believe the grief this woman is giving you! I would be so mad! I am mad for you. I hope she shapes up, or that you can find a daycare that listens to your concerns.

  4. Oh man, I would want to slap this women! Hello. BACK TO SLEEP is right, and no matter what she thinks YOU ARE HIS MOM. I know you don’t want to pull him out of there but I would look into other places. I mean, you do whatever you think is the best thing but being ignored when you go to pick up your son is ridiculous!

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