blowing it all off

I had bigger plans for this morning rather than updating my blog.  But oh well, this won.

I’m not settled into my work routine yet, the schedule I created for myself.  The one where I got what I wanted when I negotiated how it was going to be when I returned to work from maternity leave. 

I’m not sure if I’m bored or lazy or what.  Maybe it’s both, but I feel like it’s Groundhog Day far too many times when I’m at my desk.  I’ve been here since 2005, and sitting at this particular desk since 2007…I think.  And staring at this screen only for less than a year since I was strictly using my laptop screen until my belly interefered with me leaning over my desk to try and read the seventy-million emails that keep my inbox warm.

Spring begins at the end of the week and I’m wearing an almost spring outfit.  Jeans is a spring outfit? Well, jeans not so much, but the new top and the whole flats without wool socks.  Just kidding, I wear the ugly socks under boots or whatever, but flats without socks is part of my I’m ready attitude.  Bring your bad Spring ass on!

So anyway, what IS this post about? Well, as per usual, I guess it’s an update of rambles.  Yet another reason why I think my writing has gone down the ol’ toilet.  But I’m off the diet.  I’m back to nursing and yes, we still aren’t clear if Ian has an allergy.  Maybe we should toss in “Meckel Diverticulum” for anyone searching on those terms or “sigmoidoscopy”.  I hate talking about both and no, we don’t know if he has MD or will have to have a sigmoidoscopy.  For now, I just want to look at my son and melt which is all I can do when I see this pic that my lovely friend Melissa took of him this weekend.

And again, Spring? Get your frickin’ ass here.  Pronto.


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