spring fever and other bits

I feel like I owe an update on my daycare situation.  It’s been a while since I first posted about my skepticism about the place where I’m supposed to leave my precious bug for a good number of hours three times a week, every week.

I feel better.  I feel good.

Is everything perfect? Probably not, but I decided that I needed to remind myself that I’m a really sensitive person–and I should be when it comes to my son.  But if Ian is going to refuse a bottle and pout, there is only so much trying and wishing one can do that he take his bottle.  This became obvious to me when I started offering bottles before switching back to nursing and he refused them.  I thought, gee, this is what they were talking about at daycare.  I’ve decided to relax and chill.  And for the most part it’s worked.

Ian is painting and rolling and doing some pretty cool things at school.  And I like calling daycare “school” because it seems less forced that Ian needs daycare so I can go to work and more about him needing socialization and activities and learning.  I’m kind of glad he has daycare to open up his mind–meet and see new people–and do new things.  After all, I haven’t painted with him yet.  I haven’t stuck his little fingers into Jello to see his reaction, either.

So am I a cheerleader, now, for daycare? No…do I think I’d be happier if I were a stay at home mom…no…I always feel guilty when I think or say that, but I feel like having some responsiblity while Ian is at school is healthy for both of us as long as it’s on a part-time basis.

In other news, we’re trying to plan our summer vacation.  We might go north to the big old country of Canada.  It was Bub’s idea and not a bad one, but I feel in this weird position of where to go and what to do with my family–especially a young babe, but at the same time, Ian’s so young that whether or not the trip is family- oriented probably won’t make a difference since he’d be too small/young to really understand what is going on.  All I know is that swimming needs to be involved.  We are very close to signing him up for swimming lessons at the Y in the coming weeks.  I cannot wait to take him to the beach in the summer!

So please, give a few ideas for a car ride destination (we are in Boston and do not want to fly again so soon–too much stuff to haul…) that we can stay a few nights at with plenty of fun with a little one.

Finally, I hope no one is too hung over from any St. Patty’s Day festivities!!


3 thoughts on “spring fever and other bits

  1. we’re planning a long weekend getaway to tennessee with some friends. it’s our meet-in-the-middle location since they are in georgia and we are in michigan. it will be Bennett’s second big trip (her first one she was only 5 weeks old). I’m excited.

    i cannot find swimming lessons around here for cheaper than $100 for 4 lessons (sorry — i can’t afford that right now!!)

    glad to hear your “school” situation is better. :)

  2. I think that’s cool you are calling it school, because basically, it is. I’m a stay at home mom right now and I have yet to paint with Luke, I still feel like I’m crazy busy. I have not advice about a vacation spot but any getaway will probably be good!!

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