I hear a whimper break through the dream I was just in and wonder if it is real or will you fall back asleep.

I hear it again and wonder if I should wait again or get up immediately, remembering that nursing will not do and a bottle must be made.

Instead Bub gets out of bed and asks what to do.

The options are changing Ian’s diaper or making the bottle which is almost completely put together, the good thing about planning ahead the night before.

He opts to make the bottle and I decide to nurse anyway.  Instead, as if food is suddenly boring, Ian erupts into squeals of delight and it’s like we’ve never gone to sleep the past several hours and we’ve picked up right where we left off with laughter and tickles.

Today as everyone prepares to watch the marathon and its traditions, I will go to work as I have been the last seven years and catch the pride and sweat on the news later. 

When I leave work I won’t go to school to pick up my bundle, but I’ll rush in the other direction instead.  At home, I’ll find my mom and son basking in one another’s delight and realize the job I don’t get paid for is the best one I’ll ever have.

3 thoughts on “fresh

  1. Your last paragraph hits home today as I’ve been back and forth to work twice, juggling cranky baby, grocery shopping ect. Very sweet.

  2. Gotta admit I really respect you working moms out there. I’m a SAHM to LO (with another one on the way! Woot!) and I barely find time to do what needs to be done.

    PROPS to YOU!!!!

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