10 months down

I’ve started reading some blog posts this morning and it’s nice to know that sun has made an appearance elsewhere on the globe, but not here.  Aside from a few hours on Saturday, we’ve been staring at gray, lumpy clouds and continually putting on the rain gear.  It’s so tiring.  And I’ve looked at my calendar several times to make sure that this week is really, seriously, the week of the 4th, as I am convinced we are stuck in April’s shower cycle.

Today is Ian’s 10-month birthday! Lately, I’ve been a bit annoyed with myself because I’m not snapping as many photos of the little cutepants as I’d like.  I did, however, take a couple on Saturday at a bbq we were at, but every time I went to take Ian’s photo, he’d look/crawl/turn away.  So, I have two not so great photos.  I wish I got off my ass and went over to take pictures when Bub brought Ian over to meet a dog and he licked his face (and then licked Bub’s, too!).

In other Ian news, we still haven’t seen blood.  I have one more occult blood test card to do at home and another GI appointment in a few weeks.  I’d love for all the tests we did to come out negative.  Otherwise, it’s more testing…and discomfort for Ian to endure.  But for now, we pray and hope and forget as we enjoy little Ian. 

While still avoiding soy and dairy, we have managed to expand his repertoire of eating to include lime popsicles, spaghetti (complete with tomato sauce), crackers, and blueberries.  Also, this kid eats more fruit than I think I have in my lifetime.  On a nutritionist’s recommendation, we found freeze-dried apple and pear chips that are great for mixing with Cheerios or on their own.   

We are so looking forward to some beach time at the end of the week if the weather cooperates.  We have my parents’ place to visit, the lake in our town (and the season beach pass I was so happy I purchased which has gone unused…again, because of the rain), and the new baby pool.

Someday…we will get out there and see sun!

***Update*** So I can count on my friend Melissa, the one who had the bbq over the weekend, to supply me with pictures of Mr. Cutepants.  Thank goodness for a fancy camera to catch the quick-moving Ian! Thank you, Melissa!




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