Hello, I’m alive

It wasn’t until someone pointed out that I’ve been busy that I realized: no, I didn’t know busy until August hit! We’ve had something every weekend for a while, and while those plans were usually fun, they were still tiring! And um, the blog has obviously taken a very backseat to anything else going on!

Ian loves the beach.  He is getting used to the sand much more now that he isn’t so focused on putting everything into his mouth.  Let me rephrase, he puts stuff in his mouth plenty of the time, but at the beach, we keep him so busy that he has less time to slowly pick up, quickly examine and then try to eat whatever is nearby: rocks, seaweed, shells…We had a close call with a seashell, though.  Glad I didn’t have to enlist the help of a lifeguard with that. 

So…Ian turns 12 months on Saturday.  Wooo!!!

His doctor’s office has already referred to him as a toddler.  The kid kills me because when I think I can’t love him any more dearly than I already do, he just gets cuter, smarter, funnier, and aside from basking in all of that, he’s purely entertaining as he tries to walk and clutch on to me when I’m bent over picking up his toys.  I just want to eat him up and squeeze him tight all day.

The people at his daycare must think I’m the slowest lady going since I pick him up and take forever putting him into the car.  I haven’t even opened the car door.  It’s when I have made it to the car from the building and I need to hug and cuddle and coo and laugh and tickle and look at the cars whiz by and point these whizzing cars out to Ian….and by the time I get him into his carseat at least one mom has come and gone to get her kid–no joke.

Anyway.  Now that summer weather has arrived, I’m hoping it will stay for this weekend.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter.  Saturday is all about my little mister cutepants.

Please don’t grow up too fast.




2 thoughts on “Hello, I’m alive

  1. Awwww…I can’t believe Ian is a year already! So happy for your little family – too cute!

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