august 29, 2009: little bug turns 1

Dear Ian,

It’s your mama, here.  And I must say.  We’ve had quite the year.

Originally, we kept August 22nd in our minds as the day we envisioned you to make your debut, but I was still waiting for you to say hello and meet everyone–and would do so for another week:


The time came, and we hit the hospital in what we consider a dramatic fashion: flying down the streets in the wee hours of a Friday morning while Bub beeped the horn at every intersection at least three times.  We got settled in our labor room for what would be the biggest event of our lives next to saying “I do.”:


You arrived into this big ol’ world at 1:11pm on August 29, 2008, after about 13 hours and 45 minutes of labor.  And you made quite the statement with your presence, even at just a few moments old:

I am here!

I was shell-shocked for the surge of love, intense emotions of happiness, joy, and fright that would soon follow after you arrived.  I was not even close to knowing what I was in store for.


We packed up after a short 2-day hospital stay with great care.  The weather was perfect for bringing you into the world.  And so we left for home, into the sunshine, and it was there that we helped you understand what it means to be “home”:

Picture 061

You tired me out quickly with your unending appetite and lack of desire to sleep for long periods of time–at night.  I was always thirsty, weepy and emotional, for you are ours and I was enamored. Still am.

We’ve survived baths:

First Bath

Managed many, many snuggles:

Picture 031

We showed you what Halloween was all about:

Picture 006

You learned who Santa is and helped decorate our first tree:

Picture 002

But most of all, you shared with us your desire to learn, grow, laugh, play, to enjoy life:

I'm not quite sure I'm comfortable

Picture 030

Picture 030

You have taught me patience, a love I’ve never known, and to want to be a better person–as a mother, wife, and individual.  Family has always been important to me in some form, but having you has changed my entire outlook and perspective on what it is to be one.

I’m so proud to be your mom.  Thank God for you.  I am so blessed.

Love, mum



6 thoughts on “august 29, 2009: little bug turns 1

  1. Happy Birthday Ian!!! What great photos…thanks for sharing! I’m jealous of your boy’s head of hair. Gorgeous.

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