my separation anxiety

Maybe it was the nice long weekend we had, or the fact that although I love summer’s intesity and all things associated with it, I do enjoy fall before it turns into the bitter pit of winter, so I’m ready to embrace it all–the vibrant leaves, the apple picking, the annual trek to Frankfurt.

Scratch that last part–I am dreading the trip to Germany sans Ian–to contemplate going many miles away from him is causing me to shudder, so instead I banish the thought from my mind for now. It has plenty of time to creep up later.  I try to focus on the artisan kiosks I like to check out that surround the fair grounds.  Now I’ll contemplate which day I can spend some time looking carefully through them for something for Ian.  That makes me feel a little bit better, I guess. 

I do not view this as a vacation or break from motherhood.  I view the trip, instead, as a grueling extended work week which I was fortunate to cut one day short by flying not non-stop which is cheaper…which is good for those who are paying for me to go, but really, it’s great for me to get home sooner to my little guy.

So, this post was going to be entirely different but it’s turned into the very thing I’m trying to banish from my mind: traveling without Ian and my separation anxiety.

Oh, well.  At least it’s already Tuesday and that means: 3-day work week!


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