It’s been so long since I’ve stopped by here that I forgot my username.  Silly.

It’s turned so cold since I last posted and look at that: I’ve left the country and returned and survived trip number one without my number one baby.  It was strange–more strange than miserable, and I’m proud I survived. 

I’ve also started reading again.  I fear for sharing what I’ve been reading here since I’m almost embarrassed by it, but to be thrown back into reading and yearning to read something I’m really into has made me feel great.  It’s a hobby I bury with my work only to rediscover it at 9am again each week day, but it’s different when it’s work and it’s not a hobby.  For a while, it hasn’t been something I looked forward to doing.  The words and stories hadn’t been enough.  But now, I’m thrown back into a story and it feels wonderful.

This has to be short.  More to come sooner than the last post.


Itsy Bitsy Mama


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