like a kid again

Maybe it’s just me being an adult (not that this is very new), but I don’t get too excited by much–except when it comes to Ian, when I get to relive so many emotions and memories as a child.

So when Halloween started to show itself as far as the costumes I’d find hanging in Target, or the decorations I’d see in CVS, I knew I had to figure out what Ian would be before the day crept up on me.Ā  Last year, I found Ian’s costume last minute because I wasn’t sure what the day would be like for him–would we go out and carry him around trick or treatingĀ (at less than three months old, we opted not to), would he help hand out candy (he did until he fell asleep!), and would we go to Bub’s office to show everyone at work how cute he was? (We sure did!)

This year, I’ve got a little walker, so animated, we can hardly wait for this holiday.Ā  And today is his party at daycare.Ā  We had a dress rehearsal where I put Ian’s costume on him this morningĀ to test out theĀ fit and layering, etc., for the party, and also for the parade and trick or treating activities on Saturday! He made my heart melt, and I just hope the party is really fun for him!

Here’s a sneak peek:


I call this a sneak peek since you can’t see the front of his costume.Ā  He has a white belly.Ā  The arms, tummy, and hood partsĀ are soft, and across the chest it says:

Kiss Me!

Happy Halloween!


Itsy Bitsy Mama

P.S. And yes, that is a tub toy inĀ Ian’s hand who we call “Piggy”–it’ s a favorite of his!


8 thoughts on “like a kid again

  1. woot woot mamabargains! molly’s my little punkin and mad’s out little kitty cat this year! totally love it… he’s adorable!

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