It’s hard to believe that the Christmas season is upon us; Thanksgiving went by so fast! I am always thinking it’s “too early” to get into the Christmas spirit, but when I finally get into the mode, it springs up on us, two seconds away, and I end up wishing we got our tree sooner, started celebrating sooner.

Bub thinks I blast the Christmas carols a bit too soon…but he knows I’m happy to hear them on the radio now.  I actually thought last night, as we drove home from a little trip to Ikea, that all the lights people already put up on their lawns was a bit much considering it’s not even December. 

It really is here.  Tomorrow!

We had a great Thanksgiving in MD and Ian was a champ on the flights.  For a 50-or-so minute flight, I really can’t complain about misbehavior.  There was a spilled drink on Bub’s lap and a plethora of cries from him when we wouldn’t hold up the 20 something pound kiddo so that he could twist the air vent or press the light buttons over and over and over again.  And when he finally conked out (because since when is momma and dada waking me up when THEY want ever okay?), we were already descending into MD.

Soon after we landed, we met up with one of my favorite friends for a delish meal which was pretty far from being conducive to kid-friendly, and it was here that Ian melted down in all his misery of being over tired.  Enough of that we said as we nixed our afternoon plans to meet up with Ian’s godmother and aunt for more adventures so that the little guy could sleep, which he did, for a mere hour, in the car.  Because once he made it to Grandma and Grandpapa’s, there was no stopping him from rushing around like a maniac.  Truly.  If only we all found so much entertainment in French doors, lamps, and vacuum accessories.

On Thursday, I marveled and enjoyed my contribution to the meal (and I think everyone else did, too!): the apple pie (this is pretty important!) and Ian took a (gasp!) proper nap as he does in daycare and most days at home.  So while he rested, we snacked on apps, ate our feast, and then had dessert in his company while he had his feast.  I’m beginning to think that apart from hot dogs, this guy is a true vegetarian.  He is anti chicken, turkey, red meat, and deli meat!

Friday we made an early start to Mt. Vernon which was the original plan for Wednesday afternoon, but since we had the meltdown episode, we were glad to have it rescheduled for this day.  We beat the loooong lines and crowds and battled the strong winds and cold to enjoy the tour and a meal.  Ian was a trooper and seemed to enjoy seeing the other families there.  A photo from the day:

On Saturday, we got up even earlier than on Wednesday to depart for home and wouldn’t it be fun to get a nasty stomach bug? Well, that’s just what I got and was sick for the rest of the weekend until last night when I demanded we get some fresh air before I went insane.  This brought us to Ikea, where I usually run into someone I or Bub knows.  Luckily that didn’t happen because I looked how I felt.  Like crapola.

Around 11:30 last night I finally felt like myself which makes sense considering I decided to realize that it was soon the work week and I should clean the house a bit before making absolutely sure I got through reading some more of Eclipse.

And I’m taking a poll: is your Christmas tree up yet?

5 thoughts on “survival

  1. Of Course! The tree is up, the stockings are hung and the wreath is on the door. We still need to hang lights outside, but that’s the husbands job. The last thing I need to do is figure out a famiy photo for a Christmas card! (not easy)

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