another year, another post

Wow, that went by fast, didn’t it? I was just asking you about whether or not you had put up your Christmas trees yet!

Here are some pictures from Christmas, and of course, from the snowy weather we got.

It’s hard being back to work, I suppose, but after getting a bad case of cabin fever, I guess it’s good to be outside of the house? Well, maybe not here…

So, Happy New Year! Here we go:

I never made it to see Santa when Ian was four months old.  I chalk that up to being overwhelmed and very busy. (Read: I was still Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve and saved grocery shopping to host Christmas day at our house for the last minute — in other words, I left exactly one hour to hit the grocery and liquor store and this was while I was arranging a menu to be edible for me on my no milk, eggs, nuts, or soy diet! Oh, and I have fond memories of squeezing in my nursing time in the changing rooms at the mall prior to said grocery shopping!)

Anyway, so we planned ahead this year.  And right after Ian screamed his lungs out during one of his many haircuts, we headed over to see Santa.  There was no line, my child did not cry, but he was extremely serious.  I had wanted this to be the Christmas card photo.  But I wasn’t sure with all the serious looks I was getting.  An Elmo doll with bells finally did the trick and we got a smile out of him (Ian, not Santa):

This year, we hosted Christmas Eve.  It was lovely once I got done cooking an obscene amount of food.  But I enjoy cooking, so no problem there.  I just had hoped for a break and that didn’t happen until we sat down to eat.  Christmas Day was semi-uneventful.  Our heat decided to not work so that threw a hiccup into the plans, but luckily we were only traveling 20 minutes to my parents’ house so we could afford to be late.  Ian slept through the drama, but we didn’t know of the heating issue until after the presents were discovered and opened:

I found Ian’s holiday vest at the last minute when I was ready to give up on what to dress him in.  I love it and was so sad he could only wear it one day:

I feel like I don’t have a ton of pictures of him from the day since he moves so fast and I get him doing non-ideal things, like looking sleepy–though he is as cute as a button to me in every way!

…Not watching the camera:

That was the famous instance of when your child would rather play with a box than anything else!

Moving right along, we got our fair share of snow, day after day.  Again, it’s so hard to get pictures of this guy when he’s always on the move, but I managed a few:

Sorry Facebook friends, I know these are a repeat for you!


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