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Well, hello.  It’s been over two weeks and would you look at that? The sun is out and everyone here has spring fever.  And I think I’m in a *good* place, the one where I have let go a bit with time to enjoy my pregnancy and wipe the fears slate clean for now. 

Last week I had my regular OB appointment.  I always get nervous about whether or not it’s OK to have Ian with me.  This would be visit #2 he’d attend and after being perfect the visit before, I knew I could count on him.  This time, though, we skipped the stroller and apart from him wanting to open the door while I peed in a cup, he was precious and again, perfect.  And my OB let him sit on my lap carefully while holding my hand when we listened to baby bug #2’s heartbeat.  I swear, his reactions to the gel on my belly, the doppler, and finally the heart beating are so intense,  I should really have my camera.  More on that later.

The word of the day at the visit was “rare” and that is what my OB thinks of the disorder, the scary thing that caused and continues to cause fear and anxiety, is.  She said she has never seen an isolated cyst like I have and a baby have this disorder.  She stressed “never” appropriately.  Although what she says matters since she is my doctor, I find comfort, if that is what one would call it, in the fact that there is nothing I can do but love, appreciate, and enjoy everything–what else can I do? It was nice to get her take on things since I saw a different doctor my last visit.

Bug #2 is quite active these days! I have seen my stomach move already which is alarmingly earlier than when I last saw it move with Ian. 

In other news, we didn’t think we’d transition Ian to a big boy bed before the arrival of the little she- or he-monkey, but we are leaning towards this after talking to his pediatriction at his 18-month checkup.  At 2 years old we were told a toddler transitions anyway so we could do this sooner.  At an IKEA visit the other weekend, Ian was jumping on a toddler bed and it was adorable.  Maybe he is ready.  I’m in no rush, but if we’re giving him a bigger, big boy room, well then maybe a new bed is also in the works.

On another note, I’ve been suffering from a severe case of procrastination which has unfortunately dampened my otherwise good spirits about all other things.  It’s like I’m paralyzed by redundancy–that I’m picking up and cleaning all the same things around the house and not getting done other things.  So last night, I tackled the laundry–instead of washing, drying, and then heaping it into piles in baskets for the time being (that time being WEEKS), I folded it.  This meant that the kitchen took a backseat, but thanks to Bub, our kitchen floor got cleaned after I don’t know how long–LONG. 

Finally, I need to get on the stick and take more pics of my boy.  I take most of them with my phone which has a decent camera, but it’s like I forget to capture what I think might be regular moments.  In essence, it’s going to be the everday memories that I will crave reminders of in the future. 


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