I had to discuss…

Lots of buzz around this chick from the Academy Awards:

Now I didn’t watch them since I rather watch the Grammy’s and I haven’t a clue what movies are out, are good, etc.  I haven’t been to a movie since before Ian was born.  Anyway, all I kept hearing on Twitter and on blogs was that Sandra Bullock took the cake (er, not really since she probably doesn’t even eat the stuff) with her look. 

I will say I am a fan of her hair color and I think her makeup is lovely.  I have a pale complexion like hers but I don’t get how the people writing about her look on some blogs are running out to get the lipstick…I like it, sure, but there is a difference between wearing it and pulling it off.  I am not a celebrity, flashy, or someone that has to constantly be made up (thank God) for the paparazzi to claw over…but…it has allowed me to consider finding a lipstick I like.  I am a gloss girl and always will be, I think, but I also think if there is a lipstick that makes Sandra look this good, surely there has to be one for little regular old me.

What did you think of the dress, by the way? I thought the detail was exquisite, but the fact that it looked like liquid/shiny was too much for me.  She could wear a sheet and look good, but the bottom line for me is that she is not my most favorite looking celebrity female–I actually don’t know who is.  Kate Winslet is up there though, too. 

Three posts in less than 24 hours.  Geesh, what is the world coming to?

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