going on now in my head

I really like these–on sale, too–and I love that they’re navy–but I never know what navy shoes go with? White, yes, but khaki? Gray? Probably not so much? What’s the rule?

From Nordstrom’s site:

So…I thought Old Navy was no longer my friend in the maternity department after a semi-big fail with jeans purchased when I was pregnant with Ian.  Don’t get me wrong, they are okay for warmer weather when short pants/capris are the norm, but not when it’s still cold (and yes, even though it’s more springy here so far this week, that woman I saw yesterday in capris was wrong–TOO early).  But on a recent trip to ON I found a number of cute things–not only for Ian–but really great prego jeans for $20 that look as if they are designer quality…go figure.

And yes, I enjoy a full panel!

I don’t go looking for clothes I can’t wear now, but I drooled over a shirt I saw when out shopping last week–this time at Macy’s which isn’t really a place I go to find shirts.  I wish I knew I’d fit into it down the road if I had bought it in my pre-pregnancy size. 

I’m a little nervous about what my body is going to be like after this baby.  Fortunately, after Ian was born, I had to diet for almost 6 months, restricting milk, eggs, nuts, and soy so I could continue to nurse and keep the allergens from entering his system.  The fortunate part was not me sticking to this diet because boy, did I drink a ton of black coffee and eat a boatload of beans…and miss out on so many yummy treats–all during holiday time, too–but this enabled me to get down 5 or 6 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight–a weight I haven’t been since before I went to college! So I have a lot of work cut out for me, I fear, when I am trying to get back into shape after this summer–and although I don’t want to be on that diet again, you will follow the rules ever so strictly when it comes to the well-being of your baby.  So if I don’t have to restrict for this little bug, then I’m not sure I’m going to be able to stick to any plan that will help in the food department.

I feel bigger now at this point of the pregnancy than I did when I was pregnant with Ian at the same number of weeks.  But after looking at my notes, I’m one pound ahead than I was last time around.  I feel like I’m definitely carrying the weight differently this time.  And enjoying a few too many sweets…


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3 thoughts on “going on now in my head

  1. Cute shoes. I never know what to pair navy with either aside from jeans or gray. :) Cute jeans, too. I had major FAIL with ON when pregnant, but located a pair of jeans that fit pretty good right now — and for less than $20, that’s good, too.

    I think during second (or third, etc.) pregnancies, you tend to look bigger than during your first because your abdominal muscles are WAY more relaxed now since you already had a baby, but I could be wrong. :)

  2. Navy shoes will work with khaki or light gray too! I think ON is hit or miss with the maternity clothes. I bought some shirts but either I’m not big enough yet, or they’re just going to look too baggy the whole time. I prefer showing off the bump and not swimming in fabric.

    I love my Gap maternity full-panel long and lean jeans, though!

  3. I’m with Molly…I’ve had great luck with GAP long and leans, thankfully found on the sale rack. I did however splurge on a pair of citizen for humanity maternity jeans. I literally wear them every day, which still probably doesn’t justify the expense. Anything to feel good when you wake up bigger every morning! :) I think you’ll have no problem losing the baby weight because if you have no food restrictions you will probably end up nursing longer. It might take a little longer, but it will all come off. (sorry this comment is super long)

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