picking up where we left off

Before it decided to rain forever starting on Thursday, we ventured out on a walk to our town’s playground.  Ian surprised me in that a.) he’s bigger! and b.) he knows his way around playgrounds now.  Long gone are the memories of me walking to that same playground while on maternity leave and sitting on the bench where we casually left our stroller and belongings as I imagined a day when my son would join the other kids and play and run and laugh. 

He is now sliding down slides without help, running up and down ramps of a “pirate ship”, galavanting across a sandbox “train”, and oh yes, chasing little girls : ) It’s begun and it makes my heart burst.  My little guy is something fierce and something fun!

We are ready for the sun to come back so we can go out and play again.

I couldn’t tell if Ian fell asleep on the way home in his stroller since he was so angry when I deemed it time to leave so we could have lunch.  From where I stood pushing the stroller, one of his little hands rested on his tray after he had enough snack and “wa-wa”…but little did I know that when we made it to our driveway that his hat would be slouched way down and his snores would be enveloped by his zipped up jacket! I managed to change his diaper before laying him down in his crib without disturbing him. 

I can’t wait for Ian to show his little brother or sister the ropes of that same playground.  First we must take the baby on a walk there during my maternity leave.  We’ll sit on that same bench and watch Ian chase the sun.

2 thoughts on “picking up where we left off

  1. It was too wet to go to the park this weekend. She has a little playground at school and loves to slide down on her tummy — it’s amazing how fearless she is and how adventurous! :)

  2. So fun!! I think our little guys would have a whole lots of fun playing together…and pitching fits about having to go home for lunch and naps! We have to ‘trick’ Jack into the garage before going inside so the neighbors don’t call CPS on us when he has a meltdown.

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