25 weeks and 6 days later…

I tried to take a shot of my toes from where I see them, but the belly is already so big that I’d have to lean over to see my tootsies.

It’s just this week when I’ve started to feel like I’ve lost control of my body parts.  Boobs are just out there.  Belly is in the way of any slight bend over which, if you have  toddler, you are constantly wanting to bend over to not only tickle him and play, but pick up the stream of toys he’s got following alongside him at all times.

I’m getting cranky.

Today I have my glucose test.  For the big worrier that I was the first time I was pregnant, I think I was surprisingly not worried about the test and passed.  This time around, I’m worried.  Naturally.  It’s this afternoon so I’ve been trying to eat as little sugar as possible…fingers crossed that all goes well.

Happy Weekend!


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