life lately

Wow.  It’s been almost six weeks since I last posted.  I really wanted to be back sooner, but everytime I wanted to write, I was away from the computer.  Everytime I was at the computer, I didn’t want to write…until now.

Things are busy.  I have lit a fire under my butt.  Or the whole nesting thing has kicked in. I even think it has kicked in for Bub, too.  We are in the midst of doing a ton of work on the house.  Work that has been in the works since we purchased and moved here almost three years ago.  In a couple of weeks, we will move out of the comforts of home to have deleading work done which will include new windows for the entire second floor.  Do you know how happy this makes me? Do you know how excited I am to think about opening our windows without feeling as though they will slam on my fingers, or worse yet, on Ian’s little hands, and that we won’t need random boxes or sneakers to keep them propped open since we are not part of the central a/c crowd??

After that work, there is fresh painting to be had and some much needed upgrades to our bathroom.  All to be completed before the month ends…whew!

In my next post, which I promise won’t be in six weeks, but sooner, I’ll post pictures of our freshly painted bedroom, which is all thanks to Bub, who even left work early/took the day off last week to finish the job.  It is no longer a chore to try and figure out how to decorate that room; it is now fresh, clean, and a perfectly shaded light grey (appropriately called “Dreamitude”), which the new windows will surely add to.

Ian is transitioning to his big boy bed this weekend–ah! He will be in a new room which is also much bigger, and the excitement I have for making it a big boy/toddler space for him is abundant! Pictures to come soon…

So yes, we are busy at the homestead.  And as per usual with us, we cram alot into a little and in less than 10 weeks til baby arrives (give or take, but I am predicting take), we are cramming in enough to be exhausted too much of the time.  But being busy keeps it interesting, right?

The pregnancy has treated me mostly the same as the last time around.  However, I am more cranky earlier on and uncomfortable, too, as compared to the last time, I think.  Enough people think I should be due sooner than I am.  I won’t lie; I’m a few pounds ahead of where I was this time than the last time I was pregnant.  As long as baby is healthy, I’ll take it.  The excitement is growing, but I’m still cautious and trying not to take anything for granted since nothing ever should when it comes to the little blessings we know as our babies. 

Speaking of babies: Ian is a doll with them–both at daycare–and with my belly.  He tries to feed it milk and fish crackers and he just kills me with his love and ever-growing vocabulary.  Everyday I swear I will eat him up with a spoon.  He just fills my heart and then some.

I leave you with this recent picture of him.  I wish I could bottle him up and keep him like this forever.  I know, I am selfish.


One thought on “life lately

  1. I love his little slippers! I’m with you on the nesting/projects/crankiness/discomfort/and extra poundage. We are the same! :) Glad you posted, I was just about to send you an email to check in. Looking forward to pictures of the house.

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