Today we moved out of our house for what we hope will be for one week, no more than two.  My commute will lengthen a bit, but not too much, where we will all reside at my parents’ house.  We are finally doing house renovations that we’ve been talking about for a couple of years.  We never knew in what capacity to do it all and with baby #2 on the way and enough living in the house in its current condition, we knew it was time to take action.

Bub and I are very tired.  Not only was I tired to begin with being 7 months pregnant, but add to that the fact that this time away from home is as if we temporarily moved.  Add to it a last work trip next week and the fact that once we return home, not only do we expect to see great improvements, but I’ll have to put my nesting hat on to not only tidy and clean anything not up to spec, but to also put everything back in its place.  We’ll finally be able to finish decorating Ian’s new room.  I look forward to that in addition to taking out baby stuff that Ian once had (when we were anticipating either a boy or girl) and babying up the nursery again and making it less boyish in case we do have a wee pink thing. 

Ian has been in his new bed for almost 2 weeks.  We take him away from that new routine to have him back in his pack ‘n play for when we stay with my parents, starting tonight.  He has been so adaptable.  Not only do I love him with all my heart, he just makes me so grateful that he is so easy-going.  Just like his daddy.

My office is hot and I’m thinking about leaving early.  I’m spoiled with my 10-minute commute to work or daycare and it will be interesting to see how Ian does with a longer drive to his grandparents on our way home starting tonight.

I’ve taken for granted the ease in which we live at home and the way we go about our lives.  It’s strange to think I’m actually nervous to return and spend the night–make that many nights–in a place I have not slept since I was home during college breaks.  To think I grew up in the house that we will stay at and that I’m now nervous to return.  I think it’s more about the dynamic.  My mother loves Ian to pieces as she should, but sometimes you just want your alone time and I’m afraid it’s going to be hard to pry him away for a snuggle of my own this next week or two.

On the bright side, maybe I can get some relaxation in.  Bub and I will have no planning to do for the house work that began today, no real spaces to clean, just the usual groceries and laundry to handle…could it be that it’ll actually be quiet? 

Here’s to an early bedtime tonight and an easy transition to our home away from home…


7 thoughts on “tired

  1. We did that — twice — only we stayed at my inlaws. The first time was before I was pregnant (for about 2 weeks while we had every single floor sanded, stained and varnished). The second time happened while I was on maternity leave — for about a week. I had my new baby, was still recooperating and had to vacate the house so that they could finish up the dining room floors (the one room we stored EVERYTHING in while the rest of the house had its floors done). I also remember having the wallpaper guy over for 2-3 days straight while I was on leave and it was SUPER annoying because he would act like I was the worst parent ever if my daughter would cry when he was there.

    Be happy you are doing this all before you have another baby here.

  2. I hope the transition is easy! Last night I dreamt I met you randomly at a grocery store and you had delivered a girl. She was full term, and I couldn’t wrap my head around how you did that since I hadn’t delivered yet.

    I think pregnancy is messing with my brain :)

    • Oh my goodness! That is a bit intense! :) Well, I could go early and you may go late which would be the only way things could work out like that, I think. I actually think I may go early this time. I was 1 week late with Ian…

      • Haha yes, that would make sense. Although in the dream I still had months to go, which obviously isn’t the case. :)

    • Things are surprisingly…easy? We are doing well. Just have to finish being away from home, make it through a work trip, move back in, organize, organize, organize, and give birth! :) I am feeling good–I hope you are too!!!!

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