a second baby story: part one

I wrote out how it all happened when Ian was born.  And the main reason I did that was to remember everything, every detail.  Here is Arthur’s story (or what I can get down before he wakes up!) which covers the first part of the two-part induction shin-dig:

In the end, we opted to be induced.  After all, we had success with Ian’s induction and after weighing, again, the pro’s and con’s to waiting and letting (maybe) nature do its thing or moving ahead, at the advice of my doctor, we went ahead.  I guess it’s uncommon to have a two-part induction and after part one, to go home as opposed to staying in the hospital.  After telling people this they were like, your induction is happening at home? As of Thursday, July 15th, 5 days post due date, I was still 1 cm and the doctor I had seen at my last appointment actually decreased her number as to how effaced I was…so in other words, no progress.  I wasn’t super freaked out about much yet (like the induction not working or something) since I was only 1 cm when I was induced with Ian…and things went smoothly with that delivery. 

What is it about the word, the action of “delivery”, by the way? Are our vaginas like the FedEx truck or something? Just saying.

Back to the story: For those who are unfamiliar, you receive meds to help your cervix “ripen” which is the first part of the induction process.  Or, because I am the farthest thing away from being any type of medical professional, that was the process for my induction.  As a result of the meds, you can get crampy, have contractions, or even go into labor which is what happened when I was pregnant with Ian.  With him, I had the meds and that same day, I went into labor and the rest is history.  I remember feeling crampy after having the meds the last time.  This time, I felt some good contractions.  Nothing too painful, but enough pressure that made me inform Bub to stay close to home because naturally we wanted to get some last minute errands done and although I wasn’t leaving the house since we were at home with a napping Ian, I didn’t want something to happen and Bub to be out.  After all, we only have the one car…

We jinxed everything because when I woke up on Friday morning, the 16th, I knew we weren’t going to get to the hospital in a speeding car like last time.  The contractions had slowed and “The Plan” was going to start in a couple of hours when my mom would arrive as she usually does on Fridays to watch Ian.  Just for this particular Friday, I was going to be going to the hospital, not working from home like I usually do and my mom, and later on, my dad, would stay at our house with Ian until Arthur was born.  Then Bub could return to be home with Ian before ultimately picking me and Arthur up from the hospital after being discharged.

Backing up to the day before when we went to the hospital for part one of the induction, we decided to bring Ian with us.  The last time it was no more than 2 hours of hanging around the hospital and I thought Bub could go off with Ian to do something fun since all I was going to do was have a non stress test and lie in a bed.  Well, Ian had a meltdown soon after we got seen by a triage nurse when he couldn’t touch everything, run all over, or sit still in Bub’s lap.  This stressed Bub out who has not witnessed how Ian can be when I went to my OB appointments each week.  Ian is a well-behaved guy, but his energy is limitless and when he wants something, or wants to do something, there’s no stopping him. 

This part of the induction was actually more stressful than it was when I was pregnant with Ian.  Not only was I anticipating the birth of a new baby, I was worried about the cyst, etc., so having an alarm go off constantly on the non stress test only intensified the situation with Ian’s fiestiness being the icing on the cake.  It turns out that Arthur’s baseline heart rate was lower than what the machine is programmed to track.  I was assured this was OK a bazillion and one times by the nurse.  But then she started making comments (in a nice way)  like, I’ve called the OB to assure you everything is fine (with the alarm beeping going on in the background) and that maybe I wouldn’t be going home and wouldn’t be doing the cervical ripening…what she meant, I don’t know–but I was really starting to lose my shit.  And I didn’t have Bub to calm me down since he was taking care of Ian by way of wheelchair.  That was a source of entertainment for a time: getting rides up and down the hall in the chair.  It was a good way for the nurses to dote on Ian! 

In continuing with the theme of keeping me calm and from losing it, my nurse did say that if she had any doubt that me or the baby were not fine that I would be in the OR with a team to have an emergency c-section.  I found *some* comfort in that, but not really.

In the end, the OB did assure me all was well despite the damn beeping alarm going off over and over again which I had to endure since you can’t move during the test and you have to stay hooked to the machine making said beeps…okay.  I could breathe again.  But then the nurse seemed to think I’d be getting 2 doses of the meds to help me dilate which is different than what I got with Ian.  This was surprising since I had the same stats: 1 cm and not that effaced when I was pregnant the last time.  Having two doses affects how long we hang around the hospital for.  Well, she was in the wrong about that; the OB said I should get one dose only to start things out.  But I didn’t learn about this until after making plans for my dad to come get Ian since I knew he wouldn’t last at the hospital in his current mood for double the time we thought we’d be there.  With traffic, one carseat, etc., it was a big ordeal and more stressful than we would have imagined for us to coordinate the pickup.  My dad had such a hard time getting to us that he was practically telling me to stay put and have the baby instead of dealing with the gridlock.  This would have been a great idea, but I can’t really tell my body to just have a baby at whatever time I like…!

And wouldn’t you know that 5 minutes after my dad got there to get Ian, I was let go to return home? But my dad is always to be counted on, traffic or no traffic.  And although our timing was all messed up, he saved us from coping with a toddler who was less than thrilled to be stuck at the hospital.

So yeah, that was part one of the induction and the whole heart rate thing kept me on edge all day and naturally, the nap I told myself I would take during Ian’s glorious 3-hour afternoon nap stretch never happened until later after my in-laws arrived, and even then it was short-lived from my current excitement and anxiety-prone state.  Bub told them that I was feeling contractions (I was) and that something might happen and I just knew that would seal the deal for something to NOT happen.  Which it did not. 

So the next day we were off to our part two induction appointment .  Little did we know that about 4.5 hours post our mid-morning appointment, we would finally be admitted due to there being no open beds in the maternity wing.  We snacked alot and sat alot, waiting around and making friends with other prego couples who were also waiting for a bed to open up for their induction when I wasn’t waddling down the halls of the hospital.  I was truly at the peak of uncomfortable pregnantness (if there was such a word).  All I could think was that it was going to be a long day.  I hadn’t even seen a nurse yet, known if I had dilated any further or anything…but it didn’t matter.  I was still ecstatic for how our lives would change.  And if it wasn’t for the fact that we were at the hospital for something very exciting, the fact that we waited so long just to get admitted didn’t get the better of us.  No, I just tried to keep my worries at bay and relax.


2 thoughts on “a second baby story: part one

  1. Of course as soon as I email you, I think to open your blog and here is part of the story. Can’t wait to read the rest of it…

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